This for dovpo mod vv squonk basium vape nickel 230w topside review

squonk mod, a mini version of the popular BLOTTO Dovpo. Except for the size of what has changed? Let deepen this test and find out.

These products were shipped to Dovpo generosity so to stand the test side. other thoughts you find below are my own and are not affected by the fact that this talent.

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No doubt that the original RTA Dovpo BLOTTO and vaping Bogan is still popular. But just BLOTTO Mini lose too much of its original charm? Blotto Dovpo Mini is perfect as a single coil currently RTA? And if a problem occurs? Let Delve into this review and find out more.

The contents of the box
RTA Mini Dovpo BLOTTO filling
1 x Mini blotto RTA – 2 ml glass chimney.
1 x 4 ml Ultem bubble tubes.
1 X4 glass bubbles tubes.
1 x corkscrew.
1 x tool T.
A portion of the screw and the sealing ring.
1 x Manual

This packaging dovpo m vv is the same as the original, but smaller BLOTTO.

In addition, the front is made of a transparent plastic cover that will allow buyers to easily see the color options covered. Although the characteristics of the logo, a list of key features of the back, logo fulfillment of the government, authenticity and warnings Auditor health and safety.

Removing the outer cover reveals Dovpo BLOTTO sitting RTA Mini pop and immediately hand. Furthermore, under embedding vaping Bogan corkscrew parts bag, additional 4 ml glass, and bubble tubes Ultem. But as BLOTTO Dovpo my original opinion, Dovpo BLOTTO Mini does not come with the coil.

manufacturing quality
Because of the small size and weight of 53.6g, BLOTTO weight is not exactly like the original Mini. Although the Mini BLOTTO remains solid and feels like it will continue to use the long-term good.


Dovpo BLOTTO could RTA Mini drive as well. In addition to grinding very fine fireplace inside and out. Also own thread, allowing the cover to soften the lower screws platform.


Also the depth of knurled on top of the lid and ring settings control air flow without causing problems with the incoming airflow clean cut. In addition, changes in the control ring air flow changes smoothly and easily over the top of the bottle knurled style.

quality machines can constantly make decisions at the top of the tank with a bayonet on top of the body fit. However, it is still easy to remove by hand. Unfortunately, I was not finished singing the old blue.


However Dovpo BLOTTO Mini has the same set of 1 mm based on the tank. That are visible to the plate 510 mods also rises.

While the original industrial stylization, maintains, Dovpo BLOTTO Mini Bridge is still great to see. Besides all milling work clean finish for a good rate. But it is not the same as the original, BLOTTO. But the air flow inlets and wells juice clean cut without burrs.

A BLOTTO as in the original basium vape 4 ml Pyrex or Ultem glass bubble has not had problems with leaks or leakage. However Ultem is a little tight.

Blotto Dovpo 44 mm Mini container holding less than the upper end of the droplets and has a diameter of 22 mm.

Although they are technically able to work well configuration Dovpo BLOTTO RTA Mini single and double coil. However, due to the small platform that is best suited to build a single coil. However coils implementation and disposal easy by Nature. Because of the entry of the size of the design platform and the building of the juice. Fundamental BLOTTO Mini becomes very soft single coil RTA unless absorbent material used is not sufficient.


Undoubtedly, the double circular BLOTTO Dovpo Mini is not as easy as the original. Especially since the airflow on all columns and arches, so very few games. Therefore, 3 mm double coil issues that are most likely to 2mm. But the bridge is perfect for the individual coils are larger and a bit warm as a double Kanthal coil joined Clapton.


Dovpo BLOTTO capillarity as easy as the original Mini with a good amount of space in the consumption of juice. Similar to the original, the material discharge plate with an outer diameter of the base. Moreover, we must explore, work behind the soft cotton of cotton in the juice as well.


Moreover, once the cotton and gently lift Incorporated down to make sure there is enough movement. Also make sure that when the tree is saturated, does not grow too much and choke. Reducing flow of fluid e. Now all that remains is for the main cotton back pop favorite e-liquid in your tank, rejuvenate and enjoy.

One point to note, regardless of how they can be combined topside problems tend to occur with a glass roving right 2ml installed. Furthermore, the proximity of the outer glass fireplace, the air bag is formed around the hole juice can not easily increase the path. Liquid and therefore can not reach one or both ends of the wire axis poor performance.


Rotate and remove the top cover allows easy access to the bayonet. But because of its size is reduced, the load can be a pain when the Mini and a glass of blotto Dovpo usage rights. In addition, the glass is too close to the outer wall of the chimney causing the air cushion. Furthermore, like the original, hole filling inwardly sloping edges, which adds to charge very slowly. But the movement through one tube 4 ml facilitate this. But you do not have to do or needed.


Undoubtedly, the air flow Dovpo blotto RTA Mini may have a tight circle. Furthermore, the correct function of the air flow control ring can be completely closed. If desired. However, with a small build bridges, if you choose to build your coil has dual vaporizer too hot with the air flow was also closed.

However, since the second coil is fed from the bottom curved and vertical pillars, the air almost every receiver coils. Therefore, this produces steam production is smooth and balanced. Just like in the original, enjoy Dovpo blotto Mini two third opening airflow joined Clapton single coil.

but S
2 ml glass tube equipped Alas poor standard. In addition to fast become unusable because of the proximity of the outer glass fireplace. Resulting in air pockets thereby inhibiting the loading and axes. Both the paint finish on the blue version is already showing signs of wear and tear within two weeks of use, which is not very large. Just like in the original game of 1 mm at the base of the RTA looks odd.

Especially when used with dovpo nickel 230w mod have been raised.

While RTA Mini Dovpo BLOTTO offer nothing more than the original. However, the small size makes Dovpo BLOTTO Mini is perfect for a single use of the reel. Without the need for greater power than the original RTA BLOTTO. In addition, the remains of the air stream is silky smooth taste and great.

In short, if you like your only FSA coil are like me and use of Kanthal coil or hot melted like a hot coil Clapton and mini Dovpo BLOTTO it is perfect for keeping cold coil.

thanks Sourcemore

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This review about dovpo mvv squonk basium nickel topside

Hi all, Anthony Vapes back here with my opinion dovpo squonk. Please see below for rejection and links. This entry is not marked as a sample



The dovpo mvv is the latest in a little-known Dovpo.

I have a ton of their product, but I like VV mod M a few years ago, and the topsides and superstructure double mods were also very good company for all my limited experience robust lately. I have also recently revised its scabbard kit II D-salt and VV mod M recently. This is my first rebuildable shape despite what I remember. RTA is BLOTTO double or single coil for DTL vaping and 25 mm at the bottom of the cover and two or postless capacity of 6 ml. It was designed (available) popular with YouTube users are below Bogan vaping. Available in three colors black, SS and Gunmetal available online for about $ 30-40. Most of China, but I see rights freezer was 32 $ in the United States.

Manufacturer specifications
Sam Parsons cooperation with vaping Bogan
base diameter of 25 mm
Ultem 6 ml reservoir capacity the
reinforcing glass
Superior 304SS
Top threaded filling system
Two Quad install the endcap
Top-side secured by flat head screws
PEEK insulator
coil configuration single or double
Based on the glass cover airflow
242 ° perforated honeycomb double air flow – 26 side holes
510 Teat
Included in the box:
1 The number of glass bubbles
1 glass bubble Ultem Number
1 bag full accessories
Manual user 1-Quantity
1-The number of openers
access code in the box to the retail
Photo album:

First impressions and features
When I came to this RTA, I’m glad to see him. Not many are repairable and even created all ECC really do. In like 5 to 6 RTA really makes this year would normally be a slow month and vaping 9 months. Beyond that, though I like the look and covered postless still generally very happy to see the new RTA out on the market. Also I liked the possibility of a straight glass 2 ml or 6 ml glass bubble.

Housing construction and capillarity (photos above)
Let us now build a platform. These Postless cover basic. nice and large holes then accommodate all kinds of yarn to be used in this reality. good quality headless position of the flat head screw and have a spare set 4. I hope you have a selection of my favorite hexagonal, but it’s just a flat head. I still can not complain. Just a preference thing. Screws come from the way the flat cable Claptons not melt bend when installed. Because it is necessary to pre postless cutting your prospects. Unfortunately RTA does not come with a roll of tin covered that has become the norm and the manual does a good long list. Personally, it seems to be an ideal advantage of 5mm. The construction of a relatively small area. If you go there is plenty of room to adjust as simple coil winding 4 mm in diameter, but as a double 3mm ID RTA coil as close as you can get without touching. 2.5 mm DI would be better to give him some space. I wish there was more room for private construction double coil. Overall it was a cover that is very good is easy to build and one of my platform favorite class, but perhaps not ideal for builders again as postless not always cover the construction easier, because you must drive precut and not They include pre -cortador.


dovpo basium this is very easy. This axis is quite good so you do not have to go very thin on its axis. Just normal amount. cover so a “GTA style” so just drop your cotton through the precut holes down slightly rises.

Regarding performance, the use of a single coil and dual coil RTA RTA. I ran 5 is based on it. A coil wire around the building ID, a single construction coil diameter luxury 4 mm, 3 mm ID double coil construction luxury luxury 1 2.5mm double coil construction ID dual-coil assembly of a 3 mm ID round wire. RTA dual coil as flavorwise less overall compared found good people in the market today and even some older. It was fine for the wire around the building, but if a wireless tower is used, but even so, it was surpassed by many others since. Where can I find it works best to build luxury single-coil. Once again it is not so good, because even in 2017 or even the selection Lite aromamizer FSA in 2019, but still better than many single-coil RTA 2018. Maybe not the best, but it is one of the best options which can be found now. So overall, it was less like a double drum, but round wire, but rather as a single coil with the luxury of a single coil, I do not like that is versatile too.

general impressions, details and extras
This is less than the air flow holes 26 smaller RTA round on each side is the air flow and the air flow in a style “ramp”. There is a limited DTL spray is completely open. AFC, but despite much grip is my first complaint about the quality of the FSA. It’s always very difficult to solve and start what really stuck and not going to change for me at any time. Fortunately, I’m stuck open, but still full. It should be easy to adjust and not so tight.

The top of the filling screw is standard top hat to expose two holes general filling. Not even remove the full, it was a quarter turn to blow what I liked. If he did it there and easy to open and close. The holes are filled is full size and can be filled with all kinds of bottles or just pourable a glass bottle. There are also a series of accessories that come with, unfortunately, is treated with a drop of end despite the obvious opaque packaging 810 with a metal tip. Looks good, but I would like to have both ends inclusive, and 510. No adapter should be good and yet a lot of 81- scheduled to end in this ATR. It also comes with three 2 ml standard glass vessel and 6 ml glass bubbles, and glass bubble color Ultem. I like the third choice of the tank. They understand that replacing three O-ring odd. In general, a number is obtained, but in this case, only the top of the cup, one for the background and one for the end of the droplets. O-ring couple more would be good, 4 spare screws and also display detection tools. It would have been nice if it was held in a cotton roll well, but not a big problem and reel short would be good. They include a beer bottle with a skull Bogan opens lol cause. Opener does not exceed mouth is used to open the bottle a little too thin, but really. As anyone who has used all types of emergencies, such as opening and immersion housing and bungs bottles can not complain too much for a bottle opener.

dovpo nickel. The only complaint was again the AFC.

While the yarn is very nice and smooth over any texture should be. Easy to disassemble and color also looks good. It is 25 mm and the RTA should be easy in most mods. 6 ml of capacity with fine bubble tank, but the tank 2 ml of the right is a bit on the small side. No JFC and does not need one. No leakage or flooding problems and was treated very well vaping chain. brand was nice and simple. Only the skull logo printed in the room visible through the glass.

Good build quality
after quality without good head Flathead
large filling opening
good story
nice and easy to build a platform for bowling postless
6 ml 2 ml capacity and two options included
Versatile enough to be used as single coil or dual RTA
no whistle on a frame
turn screw one quarter by design
great texture when necessary
810 standard and critical point
Good taste as a single coil RTA
Postless no bridge makes it easy for beginners
including a set of coils and some will cotton
rollers covered lead
Only 1 drop points included
just a flat head screw, no Option 2
AFC is too difficult to solve in the mine to the point where it is trapped
taste less like a double coil RTA
So, with all that said, I recommend the RTA? I like not or not, that’s what I need 50/50. Not bad for the middle of the FSA all, it really is best used as a single stroke and has the least a dozen or two dozen people sitting on the platform that works better than ever and most people double coil RTA was created in 2 years of having one too. I also did not like the AFC makes it almost impossible for me feel good. That said, there are no good individual rolls while driving may not be the best, will be one of five or so are still currently available day and really do not need to waste air, just open resitected completely. So overall, I mean, I will not avoid, but I will not rush out and tell people to buy better than 50/50. I will not add my recommendation sheet can be viewed at the following link. Feel free to visit if you are in the market for something new.

It was Anthony fried keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I will take the next revision.

rejection of the products

This product was sent to me dovpo topside

Disclaimer comments
Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.

critical warning
I made a review from the end of 2016 freezer and has performed over 400 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be full at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are presented in my opinion.

thanks Sourcemore

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This review of smok vape coils rpm80 mag trinity nfix kit

I have a smok nord coils cabins health for the purposes of this review.

Smok g PRIV three colors:

– PRISM chromium
– Black
– Red
– Gold Prisma

Smok-g mod locking 3 specification

– Size: 54 x 28 x 85 mm
– Chip: IQ-G chipset
– Operation: VW (standard screen, hard, Max) / TC (NI, IT, SS, TCR, heat) / Mode I
– Energy range: 1 W-230W (VW) / 10-230W (TC)
– Input voltage: 6.4V 8.4V-
– Output voltage: 0.5V-8.2V
– Battery: two cells 18650
– Cooking time: 0.001s
– Charging port: Type C
– Charging voltage: 5V
– Charging Current: 2.0A
– Standby current: <400uA
– Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-2.5ohm (VW) / 0.05ohm-2.0ohm (TC)
– temperature: 200 ° F-600 ° F / 100 ° C-315 ° C
– Display: 2.4 inch touchscreen

Smok tank tfv16 Lite Specifications:


– Size: 24 x 58.5mm
– Capacity: 5 ml
– Filling: Top Refill System
– Material: Stainless Steel
– Coils: conical coil best Lite Mesh TFV16: 60-75W; TFV16 Lite mesh 0.15ohm double coil, better: 60-90W
– Re: gold over 510

TFV Smok lite 16 is 24 mm and height 58.5mm this atomizer. With the atomizer is in the package, you will receive two tanks bubbles and receives two coils.
atomizer good build quality, the yarn is fine and everything is as it should be. Previously, you could see atomizer “Smok” and the bottom of the atomizer can see the “Designed by Smok”.

Using the jet is pre-installed Smok drip and spray nozzle is not compatible with standard 510 or 810 drops board would be a disadvantage for some people. Leaks are acceptable for use in my opinion.

It is the responsibility of the atomizer and atomizer can see poppers to push the top cover. Therefore, when the button is pressed, you can push the envelope and see the void filler. Fill a great void and you will have no problem to fill the tank. No leakage when the tank is filled.

This tank sprayer with glass bubbles and bubble wrap is installed, you will receive a replacement for glass tank. glass tank with a capacity of large bubbles of 5 ml capacity, in my opinion. If desired, you can buy in the release of 2 ml atomizer. I like a glass bubble and I like capabilities.

With the atomizer, you receive smok trinity alpha coils.


A coil is pre-installed, and the other is in the box. tfv16 Lite integrated coil bobbin and the coil mesh cone 60-75w work best, the resistance coil to 0.2ohm. receiving coils in the package is a double net tfv16 Lite coil and has the durability and work 0.15ohm 60-90w. Really can easily replace the atomizer coil you need is out of the coil and pulse Moreover, it is very simple and easy. Reels, you can see the engraved lines so you can tell me filling the tank, which is good. The first time the coil you must first few drops of liquid E and can put a coil in the tank and fill the tank used.

In the control line of air flow, it can be seen that the air flowing in both locations. In the control dial airflow, you can see some details that help regulate the air flow and a portion will be adjusted, will be the same on the other side. You can easily adjust the air flow to the atomizer.

How it works? And my mind Atomizer:

Atomizer build quiality I received was good, everything worked and the right cable. With the atomizer, you receive two rollers and two glass bubble tanks very good in my opinion. Smok Receive also installed by gout and gout standard nozzle spraying is not compatible with the 510 or 810 drops suggestion would be an idiot. Top Fill out this well and had no problem filling a void and fill quickly and easily. Capacity is very good in my opinion, and I think many will the 5ml capacity. receive spray use two coils, one coil and another network double coil wire. I tried coil mesh and decent work, good taste, but I like the tank coil Tf better, and also provide a good and excellent vapor production, this powerful steam taste. Given all busy aerosols that can be treated.



– It is compatible with the 510 or 810 drip tips

smok rpm80 pro replacement pods:


– The build quality is good

– facilitate filling system

– capacity of 5 ml

– Two glass bubbles tank

– Two coils

– The good taste

– dense vapor and steam production

– Easy to replace the coil

– Easy to adjust the airflow


smok mag mod

Smok g priv mod 3 feeding two 18650 and the subject of this formed 1-230w mod. Mod dimensions of 54 mm x 28 mm x 85 mm. mod construction quality is very good and no complaints. I really like the design of the mod, modern look very nice in my opinion, and you can buy this mod in 4 different colors. Mod has no sharp edges and mod is very convenient to use. You can also see some details about the mod, mod before, you can see “Smok” and behind the mod, you can see the “G-3 PRIV” with little information.

On the upper side of the mod, you can see the thread connection here was good and had no problem pin, silver and gold spring. This mod, you can use up to 25 mm in diameter without atomizers false.


On the back side of the mod, you can see the battery cover and as said device is powered by two batteries 18650 Remnants of the battery cover in place because the magnet and the remains of both situation does not play that’s good. At the bottom of the deck, you can see a small slot so you can pull nails. If the battery cover is removed, you can see the orientation of the battery in painting and also have a band here so you can make simple battery. When the battery is inserted into the mod and mod when it is not very good Sizzling stir.

From below you can see the ventilation holes MOD and USB port c.
You can use the USB port for software updates and can be used to charge your batteries for this auxiliary device load balanced. As always I recommend to charge your batteries in an external charger.

On one side of the mod you can see the shutter button. the shutter button on the device is very large and dislocation, which works very well. I like the shutter button and I think it is very convenient to use. Above the shutter button you can see the buttons used to turn on / off screen and lock / unlock the screen.

On the front you can see the mod touch screen that I really like, really big screen, 2.4inch screen size. I think this is a very good screen and the screen brightness is good.

To activate the device must click the shutter button 5 times and must do the same to turn it off. When the device is on the display mode:

– I can not
– lock and unlock
– The battery indicator
– hot
– W
– Time hojaldre
– Left and right
– coil resistance
– V
– Cons Puff


So, on the screen we have all the information we need and this is a big high definition screen with good brightness, because you can see everything that is good on the screen. touch screen works very well and had no problems so far.
At the entrance of the menu you can see:

– Modus
– my way
– Hojaldre
– Setting

When the selected mode, where you can see:

– Vw
Pre-heat: mild, normal, hard, at the least

– Tc
Materials: Ni, Ti, ss


If you choose me mode, you can set up four different operating modes, you can select a rule, pre-heat the liquid and can be written using and NIC.
If you can choose puff puff I reset the counter and can set the maximum punch.
If you choose the settings you can see:

– General (approximately factory reset, accessibility, food)
– Chip (Info)
– Theme (you can choose the color and screen timeout)
– Access codes


How do these devices work and my thoughts:

smok nfix kit is my opinion that another mod is very nice with Smok.

mod build quality is very good and everything is as it should be, mod feels very solid in the hand. Mod has no sharp edges and easy to use, in my opinion. I like the shutter button and in my opinion, the trigger is very convenient to use, works well for now. This model can be used up to 25 mm diameter nozzles without false. This mod is a fingerprint magnet will be a disadvantage for some people. Mod c has a load of the USB port and supports balanced than many would like, but still recommend using an external charger. The screen here is really good, size is a 2.4-inch touch screen and works very well, I have not had any problems so far. The screen brightness is also very nice and shows us a lot of information. We also have some interesting options here, we have an access code and you can choose the color on the screen.
Above the shutter button is a button that allows you to lock / unlock the screen and enable / disable screen. The battery cover is held in place perfectly and there was no play here, which is very good.
Mod now fine and had no problems with this mod.
I really like this mod and mod works mostly without any problems so far, so I can recommend this mod if you want to buy a mod touch screen.


– fingerprint magnet



– The quality of construction good mod
– I like the design model
– comfortable to use
– button above the shutter button
– I like the shutter button
– touch screen HD 2.4 inch
– Good display brightness
– Lots of information on the screen
– Easy to use
– The touch screen works well
– You can change the colors on the screen
– Load balancing
– Battey cover keeps perfectly in place
– My selection method
– Access code
– No ring
– tape so that you can easily remove the most battery


Thanks health cabin

You can buy the here: smok vape atomizer

This review of smok vape battery starter coils mag trinity nfix

The smok nord starter kit and Mod Pod Pro Kit is the newest and the first products made of Smok 2020. In the past, 2019, Smok industry as the leading manufacturer vaporizer take the first step and introduce new and innovative pod kit models – Smok RPM40 which swept the world quickly. The Smok RPM40 still very popular in the market, and certainly the kit mod pod greater success. RPM80 RPM80 and the Pro version is an enhanced and more powerful than Smok RPM40 Mod Pod Kit, which is marketed as the next game-changer in the field.


smok mag p3 and the difference between Pro is the battery type. The construction and design of them are the same. The Smok RPM80 powered by an integrated battery and 3000mAh RPM80 Pro is powered by a 18650 battery (sold separately). The shorter than RPM80 RPM80 Pro Mod Pod Kit due to the internal battery.

Price: £ 35.99 (RPM80) / £ 32.99 (RPM80 Pro)

Color: Black Stabilize, Wood stabilizing red liquid gold, liquid blue, white and black resin, 7 colors, black carbon fiber

RPM80 Smok:

Size: 109 x 31.55 x 26mm
Capacity: 5 ml / 2 ml (TPD)
Battery: 3000mAh
Output Power: 1 – 80W
Resistance: 0.4Ω / 0.17Ω
the output voltage: 0.5V-4.0V
Smok RPM80 Pro:

Size: 118 x 31,5 x 26 mm
Capacity: 5 ml / 2 ml (TPD)
Battery: 18650 individual (not included)
Output Power: 1 – 80W
Resistance: 0.4Ω / 0.17Ω
the output voltage: 0.5V-4.0V
1 x RPM80 RPM80 Tools or Pro Tools
Pod 1 x RPM80 RPM (0.4ohm coil installed Mesh)
1 x RPM80 RGC Pod (RGC Mesh 0.17ohm conical spindle is supported by nexmesh I preinstalled)
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual
quality construction and design RPM80 RPM and 80 Pro

The Smok RPM80 RPM80 and Mod Pod Kit Pro is upgraded to the level of pioneer RPM40, which has an attractive and elegant design. Much higher and wider than the precious RPM40 kit, which is as big as most of the pod mod kits on the market. Construction zinc alloy, solid Kit and solid. modeling of both sides are well designed to get them.
intuitive environment fire button, a screen and a USB port that is in front of the mod.

RPM80 is powered by a 3000mAh battery and a full Pro 18650 RPM is powered by batteries (not included). System Pro RPM80 RPM80 single dose Smok combine the portability and flexibility of the Mod, which makes them ideal for use and suitable for beginners. They have a dual air flow system and form a VW / VV reversible. You can adjust the output power of 80W 1W. With a brand new set of CI-80 chips, which Smok and RPM80 RPM80 Pro has been updated many components of the original RPM40, offers a variety of intelligent functions and protecting security.

The smok trinity alpha battery replacement launches new 0.17ohm conical mesh and CER. Pod networks coil having WCR inverted funnel, that can choke and flavor compression and steam directly in taste to improve flavor.

Mod Smok RPM80 RPM & 80 Pro

The RPM80 and Smok Pro provides a simple and fast interface. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Vaper, you can easily use and enjoy your vaping. 0.96-inch screen with important new data shows the user interface design vaping. Integrated internal and external 3000mAh battery warranty 18650 can only rule that lasted for one day. The door to the push-pull RPM80 Pro battery is designed for easy battery replacement. You can adjust the power range 5 – 80W and pressing.

IQ-80 advanced chipset offers a variety of intelligent functions and safety protections, such as the recognition of intelligent atomizer, puff monitoring system, 10 Sec protection circuit switching, short, heat protection, low battery warning.

Pod Smok RPM80 RPM & 80 Pro

You will get two different pod cartridge coil package with another substitute – RPM Smok smok pod and pod CER

smok nfix kit price compatible with the original series. The POD RGC in correspondence with innovative cone NexMesh 0.17ohm coil which is pre-installed. The two pods can contain a maximum of 5 ml e liquid.

RGC module has an adjustable design air flow downwards, which is the first module with an adjustable airflow with Smok. The air flow rate into the base ring can be rotated to adjust the air flow inlets.

Any new thread spool cone technology 0.17ohm RGC nexMesh supported by the structure and the innovative special cone, which can expand and compress the water vapor from the air inlet flow during passage through the coil the end of the drops. The conical mesh coil RGC designed to receive the steam generating water groove is strong and hot, high and dense with unparalleled flavor burst. 0.17ohm resistance heating coil with fast, giving you vape experience more. RPM RBA RBA coil and coil RGC will also be available for Pod, sold separately. RBA package, making it easy to build.

End RPM80 Pod:

Remove the rubber plug and fill the slot revealed
Pour your favorite e-liquid in the charging port
firmly press the rubber stopper
If you use a coil for the first time, you must wait at least 5 minutes to get the fully saturated coil
RPM80 RPM and 80 Pro Review

The Smok RPM80 RPM and 80 Pro is an enhanced version of the original RPM40. They have a battery and output power is stronger. The maximum power of 80W more than enough to mod pod. Update IQ80 RPM80 new chip makes the series stand out because it offers smart features and security for a larger force. RPM80 RPM80 and flavors Pro is very good and very upscale. Brand new RPM80 RGC Pod offers adjustable air flow and use RGC Mesh 0.17ohm support cone coil 80W to heat and intense flavor with a large steam.

RPM80 RPM Pod is compatible with smok rpm80 pro coils. If you are looking for a portable and functional device, I highly recommend trying Smok RPM80 series. He will never disappoint!

Advantages and disadvantages of Smok RPM80 RPM and 80 Pro:

Good build quality
Strong vaping long battery life
IQ80 newly developed chip set, a kind of security protection
watt improvement
Easy to use, even for new Vaper
taste very good and strong and hot steam
New RGC Pod has an adjustable air flow and the use of mesh cone 0.17ohm RGC

the battery cover off Smok RPM80 Pro
Below the screen brightness
higher in price than RPM40 that

Now, for example, if you want to change the settings in the power mode, you must click 3 times on the shutter button and select watts and hold the shutter button, you can adjust the power and brilliance, of course, you can adjust the power on the main screen with the plus and minus button.
From the menu, you can also reset the counters puff, or you can set the meter.
You can change the color of the time display and the display. These devices have 6 colors available, you can choose from blue, pink, orange, red, white or green.
Then you can change the color of the LED lights and can also change the style of light. You can choose from 12 colors are available in the photo you can see the colors.
As I said, you can change the style of light and you can choose between normal mode, flash and style faded.
You can also choose when the lights twinkling LED, you can be punished shine when vaping, when the screen is on, or can be set to shine all the time. Of course, you can turn off the lights.
To disable it, you must go to the menu and you have to find another option for a little unusual.

When the device is activated, with 5 Click and locked when the shutter button is locked, you can not use the device.
Every time you change the atomizer, you are asked whether new or old reels and see the resistance of the coil before and a new coil.

Smok Poison works very well in this chip is very nice and it was pretty accurate, I can not say a bad thing, the quality is good. The screen is bright and big and I loved it. Honestly, I want to use this mod with LED lights off, but I think people will love the features, looks good and interesting, sometimes I turn on the light and I admit, it looks amazing. I also like the fact that you can turn off the LED light, so if you love the features that you would use if you do not like, you can always turn it off, but you can not turn off the LED light inside the atomizer. If the LED lights as surely love this mod.
Another advantage is that the balance in favor of charging models. In this device, you can manage all the mod has so many good features, even more than necessary, which is a big advantage. This device is particularly suitable for dual battery model and I really like the shutter button.

As we all know, is Smok companies are now producing high quality equipment and well atomiser mod chip does not disappoint and was very good, in my opinion, this is a very good tool.

You can buy it here: vape battery


Comment of Voopoo Drag Mini Vinci TC Mod Drag Pnp Coils

I received VOOPOO X217 TC Mod 217W the purposes of this review.

Voopoo x217 color:

– P-aurora
– Pink
– Blue P-Prussian
– P-purple jade
– P-red


– Power range: 5W-217W
– Battery: 21700 * 2 (Compatible with 20700/18650 battery)
– Output voltage: 0 V – 7.5 V
– Output Current: 0A – 40A
– Method of Resistance Power range: 0.05 to 3.0, 0.05 and 1.5 fashion TC
– Temperature: 100-315 / 200-600
– Dimensions: 93 * 50.6 * 33mm

In the box:

– x217 217W TC
– 18650 Adapter Battery x 2
– USB cable
– Users Guide
– GEN smart card
– Warranty Card

. large fire button, which works very well and I think the resin in the fire button detail was good. The colors of the modern look, not far scrathes on mod, maybe a little background of the model, but almost nothing, a very good job with the color here. In this mod, you can use up a large sprays diameter 33 mm. The battery cover looks good so far and I hope it will do the job in the future. Here we have a little silly when you put the battery and rocked the mod, you can hear the noise. You can also charge the battery of a mod, but as I said, I recommend that you charge your batteries in an external charger.

big screen, much of the information we have on the screen and you can see all the information very clearly. I also like here, we would like the color screen and I like the choice of this unit. I think I like that I can use here Batterries 21700. high genetic chip, which works well and I have no problem.

Voopoo Drag 2 Mini is powered by two batteries and this work mod to 217W. Each time voopoo more mods also has a genetic chip that, in the opinion of my good chip.

Mod Size: 93mm x 33mm x 50.6mm. I like the design of this model, I will change a bit, but basically this mod looks amazing in my opinion, very nice mod. On the side you can see the carbon, behind the mod, you can see the panel resin lovely, also in the back you can see engraved “Voopoo” on the shutter button, you can see the resin and bottom of each key is less and less, you can see the logo ,

From the top you can see the connection of stainless steel screws above the MOD and the good part is very good child, I had no problems and we also have here a gold plated spring pin 510. like on mod atomizer scrathed never in my mod can not see scratches on top. In this mod, you can use up to 33 mm in diameter was amazing atomizers, can be used essentially atomizer here almost fake.

– Two battery indicator
– process
– (according to the mode used) Watt / temperature
– Puffs
– Time puff
– coil resistance
– Volts / Watts (according to the mode used)

To activate the mod must click five times on the fire button to turn it off, you must do the same. You can also lock the device to do this, you keep the shutter button and the button, you also have to do the same thing with an open mod. When you lock your device can not be used.
Each time you click 3 times on the shutter button you can choose from:


– Standard mode
– Tc Mode
– Functions


When you work in standard mode or modes of TC and maintains more buttons and less get more choices. If he continues to plus and minus buttons below the “function”, see:

– Lock menu
– select Clock
– Brightness
– Led select
– Dana chose Screen
– Select a language
– Time to choose
– Set the date
– screw system
– Exit


As you can see, on your device, you can do a lot of that will appeal to many people, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, mod has the time and date, you can set if a headache for him and you can change the wallpaper of flowers. Anyway, this mod has a lot of very nice selection.

A protection device:

– Protection autoliquidación
– Short-circuit protection
– Protection overtime
– Protection against overheating
– Output overcurrent protection
– Overload protection
– load balanced

How do these devices work and my thoughts:

Sub mod, you can see the battery cover and this part seems so far and I hope it stays good because it is a very important part of the mod, so I told him to look good on the cover of the battery can see the ventilation holes and you can also see the statue. When the battery door is open, I can see engraved on the battery in the orientation. This mod works with two batteries 21700 20700 or two batteries and also if you do not have 21,700 or 20,700 18,650 batteires used with an adapter that will receive the package. It is very good in my opinion because I want to use two batteries 21,700. When the Department of Defense stirred with batteries inside can hear the rattle of the battery would be a disadvantage for some people.

Before the mod, you can see the shutter button, the screen, the less buttons, USB port and the LED light is quite large.
fire button in this mod is great, I like resin on the shutter button, shutter button is also very clicky and it works great, no fire was completely lost, the button works great shot every time. More Button Work at least as well without any problem.
USB ports on this model can be used to update the software model is also balanced so that you can charge your batteries here if you do not have an external battery charger charging, but as usual, I suggest you charge your batteries in an external charger.
In the picture you can see how to wear a visible light on the device. You can change the color of the light or if you do not like the light pipe can be disabled.

The Voopoo Vinci  Coils of this device is precious, the screen size is 1.7 inches and has a color screen. On the screen, you can see very clearly all the good information. On the screen you can see:

big screen, much of the information we have on the screen and you can see all the information very clearly. I also like it here we have the color screen and I like the choice of this unit. I believe that I like that I can use here Batterries 21,700. large genetic chip, which works well and I have no problem.

So basically x217 well-built model and it works great with everything you have many options here, and if you like the design that can advise this Voopoo Pnp Coils







– Rattle battery





– comfortable to use

– Good quality

– Good Color

– You can use the battery 21700, 20700 or 18600

– Chip works well gene

– Color Display

– The times and dates

– You can change the wallpaper

– Both the shutter button and the plus and minus buttons

– can be used up to 33 mm diameter atomizers

– Battery load balanced

– Led screen

– You can change the display brightness



sourcemore thanks

You can get the device here: Voopoo X217



Comments about dovpo mvv squonk basium nickel topside

I was very kindly sent by Odin 100 fourth and latest addition to the series and the collaboration of the famous between Odin Vaperz Cloud Dovpo and YouTube Sam Parsons also known as vaping various critical Bogan Odin is one of the most mods box poular in today’s market there should be an exception.

In addition I added dovpo mvv received T-shirts and hats.

Odin comes in a beautiful box wrapped little bush no external image is removed from the mod only the name of Odin 100 against the beautiful fountain in the back is the contents of the package with stripes and analysis of authentication codes in the area where “Odin get 100 mod box battery replacement extra, either USB type C heavy deformation, battery usage manual danger correspondence, social media and quality control certificate map.


Size: 36.3 x 32 x 90.5mm
Aluminum alloy / zinc alloy +
Screen: TFT screen of 0.96 ”
Battery: 1 x 18650/20700/21700 (not included)
Output Watt: 1-100W
output voltage: 3.2 ~ 4.2V
Resistance Range: 0.06-3.5ohm
Charging time: Type – C 5V / 1A

Odin 100 is available in 5 colors, black, matte black, red, and Siler, gunmetal sent me for review.
A version of the budget of Odin Mini (of the same size) with the support of sophisticated chipset dovpo squonk with some protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection, high temperature protection, protection of low power, load protection and protection of overtime, better battery efficiency and operates a farm speed line SS with a time of 10 milliseconds location compound aluminum alloy aircraft with a portion of the slot machine and the rounded end frame impressive Finland oxidized at the top and the base plates are coated with look mod. it feels fantastic hands look very dramatic.

It is a device with a battery with a maximum power of 100 watts and can be used with either 18,650 (with the adapter battery Dovpo sleeve supplied) or 20,700 cells 21,700, for easy insertion of the battery open compartment battery at the bottom of the device with a small amount of pressure to slide appyling open, inserting the battery positive influence on and then simply fall back into the battery door closed lock, which has a good subtle action, but solid it. Having Molicel Samsung uses 20700`s 30T 40T` Yes appreciate a lot and to report any foundation .In the battery cover rattle battery mod  dovpo basium serial number with clouds and slogan Bogan.

On the front panel, which has the power button Bogan skull that looks fantastic and is a good touch screen color TFT screen of 0.96 “, access to (the center button) menu does not have to use 3 Click to go to the beautiful and simple menu, the control power and last but not least the type of USB C for firmware upgrades.

For As with everything else that has a family Odin Odin stamped on the left side near the base model that characterizes good and looks great.

bar battery, watt, resitance, tension and AMPS appears designed to appear in my circle.The green information displayed Pink and easy to read with the light and does not waste time together, it is very easy on the eyes.

All buttons are very dislocation and super-sensitive, it would be good to have the protection of a silicone USB Type C without a break, you can take them very cheap package.

Up above 510 is spring loaded and focused and will take dovpo nickel

26mm without overhang.

As I noted before accessing the menu could not be easier to simply press the middle of the three buttons and navigate through the settings with the top and bottom keys buttons.To part causes the device to press the menu button and watts to the while for a second or two and be locked, you can still fire the device, but do not use the other functions and there is no possibility of accidentally setting watts to unlock the menu on hold and come back down.

Scroll through menu options once you have the following

Bypass – Allows you to run your machine is set as mech mod
NI temperature
SS temperature
Statistics – Here you will find the total time used counter blow / vaped (both can be reset)
BRILLIANT – Allows you to adjust the screen brightness

I only use the power mode and selection vaping cutting more my style running at 60 watts, using this mode in mtl between 8-12 watt battery molicell 20700 + 2 days earlier.


TAKE NOTE whether to take it.

Have a play around and follow the instructions in the manual mode for TCR arrived to find a printing error that says once you get out in coefficents can adjust the power menu and the + power holding does not work after some playing and trying to sequences of different buttons have successfully found a solution press the menu button three times quickly, then you can adjust the power.
I am told dovpo top of this issue.
(EDIT) actually had only one response We are aware and we will improve thanks to the release of the next batch


In a note this chip really hope so good Dovpo continue to use it for future projects


Very good quality construction and Finland
Pk equipped with spare batteries
USB type C
18650/20700/21700 compatible
The fries were very sensitive



Without the protection of silicone plug into the USB port.


Print error in the instruction manual



Although this is a version of the budget of Odin / Mini quickly my favorite is mod, definitely not to be sniffed at is packed with features and simple interface very sensitive to use tasted fantastic solid in is definitely hand one should make sure to take it will not disappoint very easy to use and priced around £ 60-70, which is an absolute bargain.

available here:dovpo

With the review of the e-cigarettes under the smok brand

Smok nord 2 come in several different colors:

– Blue red
– black Amarillo
– Black red
– Silver Black
– Red Gold
– crimson
– 7 colors

In the package:

– Poison MOD
– Deposit TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition (5 ml)
– Basic Baby-Q2 V8 (double coil 0.4ohm) (pre-installed)
– Basic Baby-T8 V8 (0.15ohm eight rolls)
– replacing glass tubes
– 6 pairs of color O-ring
– USB Cable
– User’s Guide
– Bedrooms
– Warranty card
– Warning Map

RPM80 Pro


Smok mag is a very nice and clear designed device with a great edition tfv8 baby looks good atomizer. a design very attractive with many details, especially on this device brands mod is very different. The most interesting is that the atomiser mod and we can see a lot of LED lights. It is even possible to change the color of the lights, but we’ll talk soon.


In the box, you get a lot, you will receive a infants light tfv8 mod edition Poison, two coils and everything you need, but also in the package you receive or ring that can be used to change the color of the LED light on the atomizer and two rings of beauty, again, a very nice together.

I received this SMOK Nfix Kit 25W in 7 colors, this is subjective, but I like the way it looks, of course, you can buy this product in different color options.

build quality is good, everything is as it should be. color quality is also very good, Smok improved and so far I do not see scratches on the mod or spray and use it every day at home and out of me, for now all is fine.


Baby light edition Tfv8 fan


atomizer diameter was 24.5 mm, height 56 ​​mm and weighs 60 g. Is atomized steel fly.

Baby tfv8 atomizer is great, but a little different, this one is lighter and has brought the matter to light, so that when the spray shine spray. In the atomizer, which is led by a white light, but if you want to change the color of light that can be used or voice packages and change. For example, if you replace the O-ring blue when spraying aerosol blue light. The build quality is very good, very good yarn, and can not say anything about the poor quality of construction.

In addition to the extreme oscillations atomizer with two O-ring on it. Council to impose a very good initial decline. Top real point drops, the magnitude of the falling edge: height is 19 mm and 15 mm, I think it would be easier to use.
Under the continued downturn drop, you can see the spray filling cap is superior. filling it is very popular and very easy to use. All you need to do is to push the envelope and see the hole where the tank is filled, you can fill up very quickly, I loved it.
In the upper lid, you can look on the record “Smok” and can view details recorded unscrewing using a plug for changing the coil or for cleaning the sprayer.

Burning and grounds were very nice and clean. From the bottom of the base, you can see engraved “Designed by Smok”.
Basically, you can see the ring controls the flow of air in the ring and you can also see the same details as in the upper deck and the details of help when you want to adjust the air flow. good air flow ring, can adjust the air flow is very precise, and can not move randomly. Ring stop air flow and can not run forever, I want to see the top of the atomizer. Sprays have two holes on each side of the air flow and slip one hand, it will be the same on the other side. Stream soft and hard to see.

5 ml reservoir capacity, but the rules of the European Union, you can buy a container of 2 ml. It can be purchased separately for the glass bubble atomizer and capacity will 7ml glass. I like that it is possible to expand the capacity of the atomizer. There is no glass bubble in the package, but you will get a glass a backup if you violate any of these. Or two rings have good reservoir.

Generally, you will also receive two coils. A coil is a core Q2 baby v8, resistance is 0.4ohm coil and the coil is installed, the electrical coil 40-80w recommended for this, but it would be better to use between 55-65w. Another receiving coil baby-T8 and V8 coil core package resistance is 0.15ohm 50-110w recommended for coil power, but it would be better to use between 60-80w.
I always like to say, before filling the tank and spray, you must first start with a few drops of liquid coil, and then fill the tank and ready for drying vape without success.

Tvf8 edition big baby light spray works very well, either by electronic liquid discharge (vg-pg 70-30), so there is no leak, there is really no problem with this atomizer at all. steam production is very good with this tank, you can definitely enjoy if you want to chase the clouds. It feels so good, can not say anything bad taste

Smok trinity alpha

This mod is a double mod 18650 and you can see the LED lights are beautiful and you can change the color of light.


power range: 1-225w
Size: 86 mm x 47 mm x 30 mm
Weight: 180 g
Resistance Range: 0.1-2.5ohm (VW) /0.05-2.0ohm (TC)
Temperature range: 200F-600F / 100C-315C


Is shaped device is very nice and I like the way it feels in your hand.
At the top of the camera, you can see a spring pin gold plated 510. In the device, you can see many beautiful details and many LED lights, you can see two tasty details engraved on one side you can see engraved ” Smok “on the other side you can see the record of” poison “.

This device has a side of the fire-shaped button that was very nice and wanted to use the device with the power button on the side. the shutter button is also very large, but can be activated if the top is pressed. Anyway, it was very comfortable and the shutter button can touch with your finger or palm, it all depends on how the shutter button is pressed. the shutter button works well. Below the screen you can see the plus and minus buttons, very clicky button.

In this device, you can see the USB port, you can use this USB port to charge the battery or upgrade the software. Smok balance for charging, so you can charge your batteries here, but as usual, I suggest you use an external charger.

From the bottom of the camera, you can see the battery cover, it is difficult not open the door, I love the fact that the battery cover, you can see very clearly how you have to put the battery. The battery cover is a great place when the battery and battery safely inside, the door can not be accidentally opened. You can not hear a sound when the device is shaken.

Smok poison has a color screen is very large and beautiful, the screen size is 1 inch. The screen brightness is good and you can see everything very nice.

To activate the device, you must press the shutter button 5 times. After that, you will see “Smok” on the screen and you will see a version of the software.

When the device is activated, you will see on the screen:

– double the battery indicator
– Power (W)
– voltage
– coil resistance
– hot
– blow
– Time hojaldre

Thus, on the screen, you will see a lot of information, and if you ask me, is all you need, I must say I like the battery indicator on the screen.

When the shutter button is pressed three times the device will be on the menu and the menu can be seen:

– Mode settings
– the formation of the breath
– Configuration Screen
– diodes
– Deadly

To navigate the menu using the shutter button and the plus and minus buttons. To enter a submenu button is pressed much fire.

You can use the setting mode to choose the work mode:

– Power mod
– Ni Tc
– Te Ti
– Memory game

Now, for example, if you want to change settings in the power mode, you must click 3 times on the shutter button and select the watt and hold the button for the shutter, you can adjust the power and brightness, of course, You can adjust the power on the main screen with the plus and minus buttons.
From the menu, you can also reset the blow against, or you can set the limits of the meter.
You can change the time display color and display. These devices have 6 colors available, you can choose from blue, pink, orange, red, white or green.
Then you can change the color of the LED lights and can also change the style of light. You can choose from 12 colors are available in the picture you can see the colors.
As I said, you can change the style of light and you can choose between normal mode, the flash and faded style.
You can also choose when LED lights are bright, can be illuminated when vaping, when the screen is on, or you can set to shine all the time. Of course, you can turn off the lights.
To switch off, you must go to the menu and you must find the option that is another little practice.

When the device is activated by 5 Click the button and the shutter locks when locked, you can not use the device.
Each time you change the atomizer, wonders if the coil and see new or old coil resistance before and a new coil.

Smok poison worked well within the chip is very nice and it was pretty accurate, I can not say a bad thing, as good quality. The screen is bright and big and I love it. Honestly, I want to use this mod with LED lights off, but I think people will love the features, good looks and interesting, sometimes I turn on the light and I admit, it looks amazing. I also like the fact that you can turn off the LED light, so if you like the features you will use if you do not, you can always turn it off, but you can not turn off the LED lights inside the atomizer. If the LED lights up as surely love this mod.
Another advantage is that the balance in favor of charging models. In this device, you can manage all the mod has so many good features, even more than necessary, which is a great advantage. This device is well suited for dual battery model and really the next shot.

As we all know, is Smok a company that now manufactures high quality equipment and is atomised not disappoint and this mod chip is very good, in my opinion, this is a very good tool.

You can buy it here: smok vape

Smoant Pasito Vape, Replacement and Charon Baby review

In summary and evaluation

Propel is a very good entry into the Smoant Pasito Vape Pod System And the best thing I’ve tasted to date, Replacement RBA Coil Head it even better. A reference that will take some beating – A must buy.

(Read on if you want to know why).

Ranking 9/10 – Game Changer
The highest value that can give because I do not believe in the 10/10. Perfection is subjective.

POD / AIO / MOD ??? – opaque line
I would put this in the category of the IOA, but can technically be classified Mod tank and reel changes. According to the evolution of fuzzy pods, leading to devices such as Propel – Catfart calls for all care about me! It is a compact spray device and I love the way the market is growing.

main feature
Propel feature-rich for such a small device, here are some of them:

Box content and content
Early on, you know you have something special; a box package better served than I’ve seen with magnetic flap folds down to reveal a double that in turn reveals Propel. So there is information printed on the flaps and the box with a USB cable C is accepted, the additional coil and some cards will not bother to read (but not).

Most impressive of all, even if it would be better if you include the RBA.

1 x mod Pasito
1 x cartridge Pasito
1 x Ni-coil 80 MTL 1.4Ω
1 x DTL 0.6Ω mesh coil
1 x charging cable Type C
± 1 x coil
Card 1 x Certificate
Warranty Card x 1
1 x User
First impression
A good first impression with the opening of the packaging, real Pasito own! It is a beautiful piece of kit is a solid, well designed, and the magnetic connection is made to remove and replace the winds of the coil. The style has met with mixed reviews, I like personally. Smoant the following claims:

CPR is used as a design material to finished product more beautiful and durable color. No fingerprint. ”

grandma hand, I do not know CPR?

printed colored resin?
Piss cow reaction?

My best guess is the second choice, but who knows? Additionally, Smoant Pasito II Pod Kit reacted and released a stylish addition to the carbon fiber should meet the enemy. Have time to be mod admired, I was put in charge faster and C friendly with USB cable. Then I begin the coil to the nacelle. He pulled out of the base, then simply unscrew the coil connector, very easy. Then I primed coil with a few drops of my favorite Nic juice Salt and screwed back and together.

For filling pods open end and a free fall of paying your eJuice without air pockets. Although it was dark plastic, it is easy to see the level of juice. When finished, replace the tip of the dropper and allow 15 minutes to soak and ready to vape.

The Pasito not ignore one of the most desirable features of an AIO, and adjusted the air flow. It treats the cursor a little uncomfortable at the top of the nacelle. MTL layer (lung Mouth) and DTL (Direct To Lung). Although a little checklist to solve, it is a welcome feature and benefits for me. It’s not the size of the smallest, but still a good compact and pocket friendly:

Features, comment and control coil
On the one hand, the trigger button, the USB-C power control and ports. It is worth making buttons are ready to die, which is not unusual at first but I got used quickly. I find it easy to fire at a time of waiting with fingers or thumb, the place has never highlighted “pockets of fire” and has high strength. 5 power button to adjust the level of the soft hard power, lower power levels suited me, but they are heated to improve vaporiser:

improvement of 10 watts – 13-16 – 20-25 watts.

Basically, there are many on the opposite side ventilation holes to empty the shutter button, the rear panel is simply a function without CPR. CPR before two separate panels, one above the 5 LED for various functions:

power level – click on the desired improvements button and see all the points of light accordingly.
Battery Status – press the shutter button flashes five lights on a full charge and reducing the number of points are displayed as the battery level is reduced.
battery levels – Each point reflects the level of load: 20% – 40% – 60% – 80% – 100%
Pressing the shutter button five times to put the unit in standby and return 5 clicks.

That’s all there is to it, very intuitive and easy to use. As mentioned above, the car has a magnetic connection and loosens easily but still adhere. Hell probably one Unleash and will remain in place.

“Pod” has a sliding property cartridge falls to the tip, which can be replaced by another Propel suggestion. boring is a commitment to meet the needs of MTL and DTL and to be honest, it was very good for both. There is a small plastic slider to control the flow of air, wide open to attract a tight DTL, almost closed MTL provide a very good draw.

the battery life is very good and much better than expected with a battery of 1100 mAh, and the cost is also very fast, even at the price of 1 ampere. Which should last a day on moderate use.

MTL: 1.4ohm coil Ni-80,
DTL: 0.6ohm DTL mesh coil,

Replacement MTL-Ni80 Coil Head.

I was very impressed with everything about this kit, I had high expectations for the coil. Fortunately, they met and then some. The taste is sublime with longevity. 1.4 Ohm MTL salt handle nic vape perfect and gives a surface very smooth, no precipitation or SpitBack. Force Level 1 is the group of coils offers a warm atmosphere and quick with his Ni80 material vape. 0.6 Ohm net DTL mule kick in the right direction. I am surprised how much this as DTL VAPE this low power, a rich flavor and even at the highest levels of power took 1 to level 3, which is very hot and give a lot of clouds if you are in it. At first, I tried the juice but try 70/30 50/50 and handle well.

Compared to

I will not bore you with the details, all you need to know.

The only area Propel Insurance is very high, but we are talking about is already low, and no matter the device. Trinidad Smok Alfa closer to the characteristics and flavor, but a big disappointment for neglecting to incorporate adjustable airflow as it was very spacious (the next review). Another worthy mention are Artery Pal II, which is very close in taste and feature adjustable air flow with the new HP coils. In second place nearby, but the adjustable power function. Now it has launched Pal II Pro sleeve, but he is a great professional who hit all the water, we will see later.

While AIO (all in one), mostly covered, but came the cherry on the icing!

Charon Baby Pod System Starter Kit

This is a game changer and make a beautiful and amazing AIO!

consisting of:

platform RBA
510 adapter (so you can try to burn or dry ohm coils mod model)
wire 2 x
Sealing Parts
I had to wait several weeks for the RBA me because I ordered from China, so I’m happy to use the coil. I do not think that to beat the roll media, but this option is much cheaper. After building the first, I was surprised how easy it is to build a small bridge. Use of a wire coil including (Ni80 I), which is a little rough hand injury to a trunk diameter of 2.5 mm.

It may seem boring, but easy enough to get to the coils. Waiting on the deck and the prefolding legs to match the holes in the two positions. With the lower coil legs, the first entry is easy, but the second requires some attention again, only use a small pair of tweezers and insert the tip of the needle around. spindle screw slightly lower, not too tight, you have to shoot his leg with a clamp, and after being satisfied with the position which can tighten the screws (perhaps with rod coils to 2.5 mm). This will damage the bit if the nip of the reel shaft and pull to remove the flow of air and writing, then save dried and pressed shaped ceramic tweezers to remove the access point. Stability Control Ohm and no shorts (mine is 1.4 ohms), you are ready for the axle.

Cutting a strip of approximately 6mm width axis and remove the thin skin on both sides (not to remove too), a bulk roll, and then one end of the wire through the coil you. I find the web through with a certain tension at both ends are used to maintain the shape of the coil. He had to survive with little resistance. If it is too tight, it will consider more ways coils there is too much cotton. Cut to length, is expected to reach just under the base, then thinned a little trick. Then the spindle and axis juice (about 8 watts of pulse was added when the juice) and the foot when wet, should be in the Meta comfortable in a circular groove. Finally, screw the chimney manufacturing care brand not to slip on cotton yarn.

All that remains to do is to remove the base 510 and the screws on the bottom of your Propel roller does the work!

Like many people, but it took a few minutes total.

If you are still unsure then YouTube is your friend, find the “Pasito Smoant RBA. ”

So I installed Propel RBA coil cartridges, refilled and tested. Not expect much, I was surprised frikkin fantastic taste, especially with my first weird construction! They smoant excelled in R & D overall. Although a large roll value, just use RBA now my skills have improved with each generation, I really liked the development of RBA. It is much easier than many MTL RTA is mine.

Well, if you’ve read this far (well done), you see I’m in love with this AIO device, especially with the exceptional RBA. I arrived on the advantages and disadvantages soon and I will fight with the disadvantages!

It would be better if they included the RBA, but, to be fair, for the price was an incredible deal and I appreciate all the love in the world, does not build its own coil is understandable remove PVT RBA maintained.

I tried it and lots of teeth and AIO Smoat Pasitio too, but in their own league and it will be a hard act to follow. And others to follow, and more devices with RBA or narrow selection, which is a positive development. “Fire and forget” pods still have their place and can see that the market is fragmented, but Pasito a reference and if the new device later happier! Meanwhile, I am more than satisfied.

I would buy it again if I lost or broke me – I have an “alternative” and that the RBA buys 100% YES.

pros and cons
The first taste of the market.
Watts variable.
quality of construction.
Magnetic ‘Pod’.
coil is a very good value.
Easy to use.
Packaging and presentation is the best I’ve seen.
RBA excellent choice.
the duration of the battery.
fast charging.
Adjustable air flow.
easy filling.
Style (subjective).
Pocket friendly.
the use of a lanyard.
Tank 3 ml (2 ml TPD).
Cons … .. eh …….
model love or hate.
RBA are not included.
More than most.
DTL little too tight.
I do not know what CPR.
the box was too good to throw away.
I thought I would give

Advken Manta RTA Review

Hi all, Anthony woozy back here with my Advken Manta RTA. Warning: This product was sent to me from


comments Disclaimer

I review the products for what they do not take into account where it comes from or who made it. The results of the test results for what is in my hands. Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different. I spent more time with the product and then most of the criticism and try to be thorough, making disassembly to check faulty design, test accuracy, and stress testing, which is usually done in the ‘care industry to try to “force” the failure diagnosis or potential failure point to give me an idea of ​​the life of the product. That said, there is no way to predict whether or device will last 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, etc. Each item is produced from cars to cell phones to computers pods may have arrived DOA or a small% failure rate. There is no way to predict or quantify it. That’s why there are guarantees and lemon laws. I can look at what I have in my hands for better or worse. Contrary to popular belief, there is no special review samples of top quality. Most of my personal time to get the commercial version, sometimes I get their initial version is usually worse than the final retail version.



Manta RDA is the last Advken. They are a company that has been around for a while, but with little fanfare. Most popular products, they can gorge mad hatter GDR and with a gap on the hinge for easy filling. Manta part double coil air flow RTA with a capacity of 4.5 ml with glass bubbles (or 3 ml of capacity with ordinary glass) and is available in 5 colors, black, SS, rainbow, blue, and gold.


Manufacturer Specifications

Staniless 24mm stainless construction

Double gold plated curve Post and Central Bridge Section Section
Top System Re-filling
control system tri-water-holes
Son and 510 gold plated Pin Contact
Chubby standard normal replacement glass tube and glass tubes
4.5ml / 3ml capacity According Choice tube
Coming up with a screwdriver and Confederate bag
Standard Gift Box Package
Included in the box
1 Manta 24mm RTA
Extensions 1 Glass Bubble
1 coil screwdriver doctor
Spare parts and O-rings

first impressions and characteristics
When I arrived this RTA I was very impressed with the performance and quality of it. A gold medal was only an impressive finish to it. The thread and O-rings are really good. No O-ring sticking or damage to the glass to disassemble. air flow by using three separate holes instead of a large on each side. Ideal for people who want to lose air. It is a little tight, but it can be difficult to adjust in the mod.

Deck construction (photos above)
Now about building a platform. It is rather the style rhythm as in the second holes after 2 bridge by mail, but with more metal in it. Each lead has got the hole itself has always been good and it’s easy to build one. They use the hexagonal socket of good quality which is my favorite. It also has a few additional metal between the coils with a hole. the flow of air conditioning down of two relatively small holes in the bottom of each coil. platform, it is very easy to align your reel on the air flow but do not have a lot of space in it. It is best suited to lower power smaller construction. I found max adjustment of 3 mm and 2.5 mm works also great. Overall easy to build a platform made for a small construction

Wicking is also easy. This is a GTA-style platform is really low down. No JFC and no leakage. It was quite forgive, but you want to use a lot of cotton. Not too much throttle, but enough to fill all the slots with a flush cotton tip water on the bottom. You should be able to adjust your tweezers easily between cotton and filling holes that are small enough. I found the coil 2.5mm You do not need your slim prospects at all. With the son of 3 mm reel you want to lighten a little.


Performance wise, I use it as a double coil RTA only as intended. I ran three luxury coil construction therethrough in the range of 5-6 packs of 3 mm and 2.5 mm in diameter. I also ran 2 rounds of simple construction with 26 envelopes of measuring instruments 8-9 mm Nichrome 1 ID 3 and 1 in 2.5mm ID. Overall, I find that it works well with everyone to build. It is quite flexible and does not need anything fancy to taste good but I would stick with either ID 2.5mm diameter 3 mm or coil ID. There is plenty of space for a large building, it is best to use in the range of 40-70 watts. I would not take much more than that. That said, I get a very good sense. This figure is higher than the average watts average TSR. I feel I’ve done the best building for the taste is luxurious racing film 5 reel TC ID 2.5mm 60 watts.

Overall impressions, Details and Extras
This is the bottom of the RTA and the AFC air flow is smooth, but a little tight and the cap. glass bubble, it is difficult to adjust when he was in the mod, but easy to adjust when mod. It has a full level above where you unscrew the lid and expose two large filling holes. hat has a textured design as well and is easy to grip and open the cover. It is easy to fill all kinds of bottles or just poured juice. I used the 70/30, 80/20 and juice “max VG” in no problem. It comes with a standard 810 point moves manta Ultem written on it. It is really good and easy to disassemble with minimal parts to it. All nice and smooth wire. It is the diameter of 24mm RTA should therefore not wrong on most mods. the 4.5ml capacity is quite good with a glass bubble for tanks that do not really drink juice.

manufacturing quality

color selection
Tip 810 standard
build a bridge and good quality jobs screws
marquee filling design
above the average of the direction RTA half watt
4.5ml capacity
The inconvenients:
Build a platform is limited to the coil size
AFC difficult to adjust when mod
So with all that said, I recommend the RTA? I do not like or not hard, but it will lean slightly toward yes but with a caveat was added to the average VAPERS watts. If you want VAPE over 70 watts is not for you. If you want VAPE 40-70 watts and does not blow the juice and still get a good sense, it is a very good choice. It will not make my list of the top, but it is still RTA dam good enough. I’ll add to my list

It can be purchased here Manta TSR Advken | Design Post two Staggered at 32.95

It was to keep Anthony fried only honest, I hope you can all say the same thing and I’ll catch you at the next revision.

For a good recommendation please check my Google map located here

This file will be updated regularly so feel free bookmark.

Again, I thank you for sending me this the purposes of this review

Also, if you missed some of my past reviews, you can find it here Save Me

Madecat_vapes Review – Eleaf Mod Kit

ECF Hello! Today I am reviewing for you Eleaf Mod Kit. The Tessera Kit is a pocket-friendly, internal drum kit with power and style. So how well Tessera hold up? Read below for my evaluation.


This kit was sent to me from Eleaf for review.I had the Tessera kit for over a month now and feel that I can give a fair assessment of its quality.

VW Mod Kit is an internal device with Eleaf battery, equipped with a 150W output power and a wide range of choice of typical residential TC. This kit comes with a “new” TS tank shead for Ello, Ello is essentially a tank with some design elements are added to match the design model. The device is quite a focus. It has some nice rounded corners and merge multiple design style all along polygonal. It is quite small and seems like a great starter kit or a nice option for those who do not want to deal with an external battery.


Let’s start from the top.


hook pin 510 and appears to be determined by the background / in the unit. Because the device has rounded corners is quite pronounced throughout “plaque” circular at the top allows it to accommodate up to 25 mm Attys no false appearance. The gap at the top is the aspect of the design that I assume to give a uniform display device because it is necessary both for the logs. The next feature, I prefer a cleaner look that big gap, but I understand why they go that route.


Speaking of logs, it was pretty clicky and responsive and works regardless of how you hold the mod. mod that looks like it was designed more with the left-handed people in mind, because it is usually with fire button activates bar by palming the device and use your fingers to pull. However, I am left hand and because I do not want palm screen I use the thumb to pull equipment. You do not get the same “grip” experience as it does the other way, but it works very well. I also find that if a leftist always wants to manage, no logs problem that is activated in the palm of your hand.


The front of the model home screen, and +/- function / Mode / Stealth, and port USB. The screen itself is gorgeous. It has a very high resolution and the color theme can be changed according to your wishes.


In ordinary electric mode, you can see your battery life, front and center watts, volts, resistance coil, time and date.


In RTC mode, the clock takes the stage and you are presented with the option at the bottom of the s.


TC mode is a blend of power and the PSTN mode, the temperature still able to show you in front of your s.


The design of the interface and the menu on Tessera is quite nice and the entry of the function / mode / stealth button is an option that really enjoyed it. I love that it’s a versatile, allowing you one-click your device in stealth mode, or press and hold to scroll through the mode of shooting. However, you still have the 3-click on the fire button to enter the menu system. Why not go in on the button for this function? I feel like this button underutilized.


I ranted previously about too make a shortcut in all places, but I feel like Tessera can benefit from a few shortcuts. The main two I want to see is: the one that allows you to turn the power of the TC; and to lock watt for TC. This option is present, and you have to enter the menu and set the submenu to get there. It is a matter of preference for me, but I feel like it will be much easier for the user to have.


Move with the design, polygonal appearance at the front gives little awkward appearance. This device has a peak at the bottom of the screen. I do not know if the operating angle (probably causes less screen glare), but it was different from what I’m used to seeing. Design on the back is used as a sort of ergonomic grip. At first glance, it does not seem that would be good, but it was actually pretty comfortable, especially with rounded edges of the device.


The lower part torq mod comprises two fixing screws of the bottom plate and the reset button to zero housing recession. I did not use the reset button, but it will consider restoring the factory settings. You can see the difference that I spoke from the top of the mod. They do not mess with the way



This mod performs quite well. Power mode outputs decently and consistently and I never had an issue with a misfire or anything similar. I used various builds in multiple attys and Power mode did great for each. I will say that I tried to keep my power output at or below 75w as I feel like this is going to be a good spot for a compromize between power output and battery longevity. I realize the device is using a decent sized battery, but I tend not to vape at too high wattages anyway, so at or below 75w gave me some decent battery life.


In TC mode, I had a bit of an issue at first. Using single coil SS316L 26/30 clapton I was consistently botted out of TC. I swapped my build to triple core 30*3/38 and it worked a lot better. I used this build on there for a while and was only booted out once. I don’t know if it had to do with the mass of the wire I was using or what, but good TC shouldn’t do that, regardless. While TC worked better for the smaller-core build, it still shows an inconsistency with TC performance, so I would not recommend getting this device solely for TC.


Since this is an internal-battery device, charging is another main category when it comes to performance. The device supposedly has temperature protection while charging. I believe it’s supposed to automatically cut charging if it senses the device getting to warm, and resume once the temp drops back down to a predetermined range. The first few times I charged the device was with a wall charger and the device seemed to get really warm. I didn’t notice it ever stop charging, but maybe it didn’t hit that critical zone. After conversing a contact at Eleaf, I swapped to the provided USB cable and charge via PC. This produced a better result and the mod didn’t get nearly as warm, so I would recommend charging the device in this fashion. Charge times were also really quick regardless of how it was charged.



Ello TS


The Ello TS is essentially the same tank as the Ello Subohm Tank and uses the same coils.


The Ello TS tank is a decent little top-fill subohm atty. The adjustment ring moves pretty smoothly and there are quite large slits for the airflow. This should help accommodate those that like ample amounts of airflow. The sliding system moves easily enough when pushing on it and has a satisfying click open and close. The fill port is adequate for whatever type of bottle you have.


The HW2 coil ohmed in around .3-.34 and the HW1 was .2-.22. The HW2 coil is NiCr and the HW1 is SS316L with ceramic around the outside of the cotton (to retain heat I assume). I personally liked the HW2 coil better. It had better flavor, but didn’t quite last as long. Whereas the HW1 lasted longer with less flavor. There are also three other options for coils: HW1-C-.25ohm SS316L; HW3-.2ohm NiCr; HW4-.3ohm NiCr.


As far as performance goes, this tank is okay. I’m not really a subohm tank kind of guy, so I’m not the best at evaluating subohm tanks. I can compare it to an RDA, but that’s not really going to be a fair comparrison. I think it’s decent for what it is. Am I going to run out and go buy it?…nope. Would someone else get enjoyment out of it?…yeph how.

Final Thoughts



Compact Design

Convenient Internal Battery

Fire bar activates easily without having to palm the screen (for lefties)

Screen resolution

Simple interface

Function button

Polygonal hand ergonomics

Power mode performance

Quick charging


Gaps at top and bottom of mod

under-utilized Function button

no shortcuts to change TC watts or lock TC resistance

TC inconsistency


I really think this is a decent little device, especially if you’re going to be predominantly using it in Power mode or using smaller wires in TC. The feel of the device is quite nice and I love how small it is. I really like the internal battery because sometimes I just don’t want to worry about swapping out batteries. With this, you just charge and go. The screen is quite beautiful and the interface is fairly intuitive.


I don’t really care for the aesthetics of the gaps at the top and bottom of the mod, but I understand why they are there and it’s more person preference and doesn’t affect how the mod performs. I really love having a function button on mods, and appreciate it’s inclusion on the Tessera, however, it feels under utilized. I also cannot recommend this device if you are looking for good TC as it is too inconsistent.


With that said, if you’re new to vaping and don’t want to worry about keeping batteries married or carrying extra batteries, this is going to be a decent kit. Even if you’re an experienced vaper and you just want something simple and small for a quick out and about, the Tessera will get the job done. Just don’t expect great performance from TC.