This is dovpo vape vv box mods squonk box basiumtopside dual review

I received a light vv box mods the purposes of this review cover.

Top Lite color:

– Red
– Black
– money

Specifications and features:

– Material: polycarbonate + PCTG
– Size: 97.5 x 58 x 28.2mm
– Battery: 18650/21700/20700 (not included)
– Temperature: 100-315 / 200-600 ??
– Display: 0.96 “OLED
– Input voltage: 3.2V 4.2V-
– Output voltage: 0.8V 0.5V
– Resistance: 0.08ohm-3.50ohm
– Squonk mod mod standard or
– Top filling

In the box:

– Lite Mod Topside DOVPO
– Battery Protection
– improvement of the battery socket
– Accessory Pack
– USB cable
– Manual

squonk box upper side is very interesting, you can use it as Squonk mod and can also be used as a regular model. You can buy it in 3 different colors. The device is powered by a battery and runs up to 90W. Mod dimensions are 97.5 x 58 x 28.2mm.

Mod comes in a nice package and the package will receive the battery cover to use when you want to use as models of good practice. Mod mainly plastic material and is lightweight. build good mod look, everything is as it should be.

On the upper side of the mod you can see the connections and son are good, the gold plated pin. In this mod, you can use up to 26 mm in diameter atomizers without a large overhang in my opinion. The connections are a bit high and syringes scrape the top of the mod that I really like.

You can easily remove the back mod. Mod comes pre-installed with a battery cover having a Squonk bottle. This mod is designed to allow you to fill bottles and so you can easily fill bottles and very fast. At the top of the bottle, you can see the hat that can really EasyDisconnect hat, you can see some details that help a lot here. When the cap is removed, you can be at the bottom of the battery cover with the magnet. Under the cover, you can see two holes and big holes to fill, you will not have a problem with the bottle here. As you can remove the back of the model, you can easily wash your bottle without a bottle on the back of the mod. In this case, you want to take the bottle can be done by removing the two screws on the top. Capacity 10 ml bottle is really good. Bottle comfortable to use in my opinion. back foot for this mod fixed part of the magnet and a very nice place, nothing special to play. If the back is removed and had liquid in the bottle if the bottle of liquid will not hurry back, because the valve here, very good in my opinion. To replace the rear of the mod simply unscrew the small fluid transport tube 510, it is easy to unscrew this section. When you take everything you have to put the battery cover and use it as a regular model. You will receive the battery cover in the package was very good.

So it can be used as a mod mod mod or basium squonk as usual will be very appealing to many people.

The model is powered by batteries and can use 3 types of batteries here, so this mod is compatible with 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries. I thought it was okay because I actually use a larger battery. In this case, you do not have a battery 21700 20700 18650 or can be used with an adapter that will receive the pacakge. When the battery and when shaken mod that does not blow very good. From the top of the mod, you can see a USB port that can be used to charge the battery, but as usual, I recommend using an external charger to charge the battery.

In front of the mod, you can see the shutter button, the screen and the plus and minus buttons. and the photo button plus and minus buttons work very well so far. dislocation shutter button is very important.
In this device, we have the classic screen. The screen brightness is very good and you can see everything very well on screen. screen mode supply can be seen:

– Vw
– Indicators baterije
– W
– AN
– V
– Otpor grejaca

To activate the dovpo vape mod must click on the button 5 times fire and should do the same to turn it off

This mod can be locked by pressing the shutter button three times and should do the same to unlock it. You can also block the plus and minus buttons to do this, you need to keep more buttons and less to the same time, you should do the same to unlock the keypad. To enter the menu, you have to hold down the shutter button and the minus button in the menu, you can see:

– Power
– Shortcut
– Temperature Ni
– temperature Ti
– Temperature Ss
– Statistics (meter / hour puff)
– Exit


How do these devices work and my thoughts:

Side and top dovpo Lite is a mod that can be used as a reagular mod and can also be used as Squonk mod and I belive many people would like. Mod is battery-operated and worked up to 90W. Mod plastic and everything is as it should be. Because this mod plastic is very light and some people like it, some people will not. This is a mod if you use it as Squonk mod as little more mods compare me lets you use every day. the shutter button and the fine plus and minus buttons worked it was very good. As usual mod also comfortable to wear and comfortable mod Squonk, especially if the shutter button is pressed with the thumb, because this way you can easily use the bottle.Using this as a mod dovpo topside dual simple, easy to fill the bottle, no leakage, the bottle has a capacity of 10 ml and is easy to wash bottles.

In addition, the same as what we have here prevents the fluid valves protruding when the back of the MOD is released with the bottle I. Not much to complain about here, I want a plastic non-transparent and it would bottle of reserves in the package are included. Mod works very well and there was no problem, I am very happy with how it works. The screen brightness is very good and also has a way of working to use here. Mod compatible with the 21700, which was very good and a great professional in my opinion. back of very nice mod fixed place that is important to me and there was no game. In fact, it is very solid Squonk mod mods and want to use Squonk I can say is very simple and easy to use also, if desired, can be used as the usual mod is very good choice.


– with transparent plastic box for someone
– No bottle packaging


– light
– Compatible with 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries
– it can be used as a usual mod mod or Squonk
– comfortable to use
– The bottle of practice
– Easy to wash bottles
– Easy to fill bottles
– 10 ml capacity
– It works very well as mod Squonk
– the valve which prevents the liquid outlet when the part is removed again
– Regular battery cover in the package
– Good display brightness
– The buttons and the shutter button works well
– very good location mod fixed Back


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You can buy dovpo vape here:

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