This for dovpo mod vv squonk basium vape nickel 230w topside review

squonk mod, a mini version of the popular BLOTTO Dovpo. Except for the size of what has changed? Let deepen this test and find out.

These products were shipped to Dovpo generosity so to stand the test side. other thoughts you find below are my own and are not affected by the fact that this talent.

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No doubt that the original RTA Dovpo BLOTTO and vaping Bogan is still popular. But just BLOTTO Mini lose too much of its original charm? Blotto Dovpo Mini is perfect as a single coil currently RTA? And if a problem occurs? Let Delve into this review and find out more.

The contents of the box
RTA Mini Dovpo BLOTTO filling
1 x Mini blotto RTA – 2 ml glass chimney.
1 x 4 ml Ultem bubble tubes.
1 X4 glass bubbles tubes.
1 x corkscrew.
1 x tool T.
A portion of the screw and the sealing ring.
1 x Manual

This packaging dovpo m vv is the same as the original, but smaller BLOTTO.

In addition, the front is made of a transparent plastic cover that will allow buyers to easily see the color options covered. Although the characteristics of the logo, a list of key features of the back, logo fulfillment of the government, authenticity and warnings Auditor health and safety.

Removing the outer cover reveals Dovpo BLOTTO sitting RTA Mini pop and immediately hand. Furthermore, under embedding vaping Bogan corkscrew parts bag, additional 4 ml glass, and bubble tubes Ultem. But as BLOTTO Dovpo my original opinion, Dovpo BLOTTO Mini does not come with the coil.

manufacturing quality
Because of the small size and weight of 53.6g, BLOTTO weight is not exactly like the original Mini. Although the Mini BLOTTO remains solid and feels like it will continue to use the long-term good.


Dovpo BLOTTO could RTA Mini drive as well. In addition to grinding very fine fireplace inside and out. Also own thread, allowing the cover to soften the lower screws platform.


Also the depth of knurled on top of the lid and ring settings control air flow without causing problems with the incoming airflow clean cut. In addition, changes in the control ring air flow changes smoothly and easily over the top of the bottle knurled style.

quality machines can constantly make decisions at the top of the tank with a bayonet on top of the body fit. However, it is still easy to remove by hand. Unfortunately, I was not finished singing the old blue.


However Dovpo BLOTTO Mini has the same set of 1 mm based on the tank. That are visible to the plate 510 mods also rises.

While the original industrial stylization, maintains, Dovpo BLOTTO Mini Bridge is still great to see. Besides all milling work clean finish for a good rate. But it is not the same as the original, BLOTTO. But the air flow inlets and wells juice clean cut without burrs.

A BLOTTO as in the original basium vape 4 ml Pyrex or Ultem glass bubble has not had problems with leaks or leakage. However Ultem is a little tight.

Blotto Dovpo 44 mm Mini container holding less than the upper end of the droplets and has a diameter of 22 mm.

Although they are technically able to work well configuration Dovpo BLOTTO RTA Mini single and double coil. However, due to the small platform that is best suited to build a single coil. However coils implementation and disposal easy by Nature. Because of the entry of the size of the design platform and the building of the juice. Fundamental BLOTTO Mini becomes very soft single coil RTA unless absorbent material used is not sufficient.


Undoubtedly, the double circular BLOTTO Dovpo Mini is not as easy as the original. Especially since the airflow on all columns and arches, so very few games. Therefore, 3 mm double coil issues that are most likely to 2mm. But the bridge is perfect for the individual coils are larger and a bit warm as a double Kanthal coil joined Clapton.


Dovpo BLOTTO capillarity as easy as the original Mini with a good amount of space in the consumption of juice. Similar to the original, the material discharge plate with an outer diameter of the base. Moreover, we must explore, work behind the soft cotton of cotton in the juice as well.


Moreover, once the cotton and gently lift Incorporated down to make sure there is enough movement. Also make sure that when the tree is saturated, does not grow too much and choke. Reducing flow of fluid e. Now all that remains is for the main cotton back pop favorite e-liquid in your tank, rejuvenate and enjoy.

One point to note, regardless of how they can be combined topside problems tend to occur with a glass roving right 2ml installed. Furthermore, the proximity of the outer glass fireplace, the air bag is formed around the hole juice can not easily increase the path. Liquid and therefore can not reach one or both ends of the wire axis poor performance.


Rotate and remove the top cover allows easy access to the bayonet. But because of its size is reduced, the load can be a pain when the Mini and a glass of blotto Dovpo usage rights. In addition, the glass is too close to the outer wall of the chimney causing the air cushion. Furthermore, like the original, hole filling inwardly sloping edges, which adds to charge very slowly. But the movement through one tube 4 ml facilitate this. But you do not have to do or needed.


Undoubtedly, the air flow Dovpo blotto RTA Mini may have a tight circle. Furthermore, the correct function of the air flow control ring can be completely closed. If desired. However, with a small build bridges, if you choose to build your coil has dual vaporizer too hot with the air flow was also closed.

However, since the second coil is fed from the bottom curved and vertical pillars, the air almost every receiver coils. Therefore, this produces steam production is smooth and balanced. Just like in the original, enjoy Dovpo blotto Mini two third opening airflow joined Clapton single coil.

but S
2 ml glass tube equipped Alas poor standard. In addition to fast become unusable because of the proximity of the outer glass fireplace. Resulting in air pockets thereby inhibiting the loading and axes. Both the paint finish on the blue version is already showing signs of wear and tear within two weeks of use, which is not very large. Just like in the original game of 1 mm at the base of the RTA looks odd.

Especially when used with dovpo nickel 230w mod have been raised.

While RTA Mini Dovpo BLOTTO offer nothing more than the original. However, the small size makes Dovpo BLOTTO Mini is perfect for a single use of the reel. Without the need for greater power than the original RTA BLOTTO. In addition, the remains of the air stream is silky smooth taste and great.

In short, if you like your only FSA coil are like me and use of Kanthal coil or hot melted like a hot coil Clapton and mini Dovpo BLOTTO it is perfect for keeping cold coil.

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