The VAPE device produced a cracking sound during the vaping process

Centaurus DNA250C MOD – Lost Vape

strange if you are new to vaping, a sound like crackling and appear to come from your vaporizer may seem or annoy you. But do not worry, because usually pops vaporizer is normal. However, even the most experienced vapers should pay attention to sudden changes in your vaporizer, which can be very frustrating and can cause major problems. Here are some tips on good and evil to his vaporizer.

What makes bursting spray
A crackling noise pop of light is a completely predictable and regular process. This is the e-juice is heated by a coil and evaporation, and is a good sign that your e-cig works well. When Vape, e-liquid hits a hot coil and become steam. This reaction did you hear a rattling sound. vaporizer behavior more or less serious depending on the type of device and using mail or juice intensity and strength of the flashes.

So let’s explain the factors affecting the cracking and popping:

watts / voltage level.

The use of sub-ohm vaping configuration is the first reason for sputtering time. An ACR with the air flow enough force open air vaporizer and increase productivity. Most e-liquid condensate less steam turn, so that excess liquid brand noise.

E-liquid can not evaporate VAPE effective when power is too low. You should increase the normal heating or trying to make them more attractive. Otherwise, you can flood the atomizer e-juice and saliva in the mouth. To avoid this, increasing the power of the device. Consider vaping in a higher power and see if the sound is always the same.

Also try to change the setting of the airflow to reduce the amount of liquid-e. Turn the neck of the tank sub-ohm lose some air pressure.

e-liquid the various ingredients.
Feel free to fill the vaporizer with the new e-juice, but remember one thing: a thickness of a vapor so. A force and cause flooding and thin-liquid atomiser coil appearing and sputum. You can use the thicker vegetable glycerine as propylene glycol thin liquid. Sugar is very similar to wood when burned. Both contain cellulose that break when burned. Then gas and evaporated. Pops is quite natural that email juice brands appearing to be heated by the coil.

A coil design

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Twisted and braided coils have a larger surface, which helps to produce more steam and may cause sounds that make additional burst. As to the coil has more nooks and crannies, so it appears more e-liquid.

We speak of the outbreak occasionally due to coil construction twisted and can be prevented. Ensure that spirals and twists and braids are too tight on your device.

You can also hear the popping vaporizer when the device has a narrow tip of the fireplace or drops. Part of the water vapor condenses is remains in droplet form and block the flow. Just use the tip of a larger drops or switches to the PSTN fireplace.

So all these factors can affect vaporizer popping, crackling and spitting. It is largely refers to the E-liquid interaction and a coil wire. condensation and additional droplets can cause terrible aloud and spitting problem. Vape and enjoy the sound of crackling vaporizer operating bits, satisfying like a fire in the fireplace. But if it is really boring and feels’ nerves are electrically charged, “VAPE that MOD and check correct if necessary. This is a very good thing to keep the abreast of any changes in the vaporizer or mod pen, because it could be a sign of a problem. Although very rare, there are cases of rupture of the vaporizer pen. In almost all cases, there is a problem with the battery and will not tell the user that something is wrong with a snap, though.
In fact, if not spray makes no noise and overheating, it is when to worry and immediately stop vaping.

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