smok atomizer coils rpm80 pods mod alpha coils nfix kit comment

smok rpm80 pro replacement pods sticks come in 18 colors:

– black with white foam
– Black with red spray
– green jet black
– Rasta red
– Green Rasta
– Color Belgium
– White
– Orange
– Red
– Black
– Red Camouflage
– camouflage
– H.H
– Gold
– Green
– blue
– Purple
– 7 colors

In the frame:

– Battery Sticks Prince
– Deposit TFV12 Prince (2 ml)
– Quadruple coil 0.17ohm M4 (pre-installed)
– Quadruple 0.17ohm M4 Coil
– USB Cable
– User’s guide
– Room
– Certification

As we wait for smok nord coils, this device can be purchased in beautiful color combinations are different, which is always a plus. I received this camera in rasta colors is beautiful, I love the colors on my device, it looks great. good quality with good details about the device. quality color looks good, the moment I see no scratches on the battery or atomizer, there are scratches on the bottom of the battery to the sitting at the table and no scratches on the above battery atomizer and I think the quality of a good color

So, let me start at the top, Smok Prince tfv12.

– capacity of the tank: 2 ml

– Size: 63 mm

– Diameter: 25.5mm

– Weight: 63g

Atomizer is the same color as the top of the battery and goes well with the battery. smok mag modprince is a very nice looking atomizer.

Smok tfv12 above, you can see the tip 810 drops by two O-rings in it, drip is in good condition. This is just the tip of Cobra falls and looks absolutely beautiful. It can be purchased separately at the end of the drops and you can choose from several different colors. Drip Tip convenient to use. Here you can use all of the 810 late fall or two rings on it.
the outer diameter of the tip of the drop is 16 mm, the inner diameter is 12.5 mm.

sophisticated drops below, you can see the spray cap fills. This tank is filled very easily, on the deck, you can see a small lock button and open the top cover. If you want to fill your tank, you just press the button and slide the top cover, slide the top cover on one side and you can see the hole you use to fill your tank. I love and the same locking system that can be very easy and quick to fill my tank.

You can see some details here, you can see engraved “Smok” can be seen at the lower end of the crown of fine droplets and the crown of the same ring, you can see the flow of air, beautiful detail, truth.

Tank capacity of 2 ml to questions from the European Union and the European Union have problems. Standard Editon including glass bubbles and spray glass looks better bubbles. I really like the fact that you can choose between the bubble and ordinary glass tank. Capacity 8 ml Bubble tank is very good. You can also buy separate single bubble tank.
In all of the standard edition, you will be saving a glass tank, but the question of the EU in the package there is no replacement of the glass tank.
Up and down, you can see the ring with a glass very well and the package will receive two O rings to the tank in another color.

Discussion on the base and the fireplace where the loot you runs great, you can screw your gently rolls.

air flow control ring work is very nice and has a grip on both sides, you can easily adjust the airflow to your liking. Here you can see two holes for airflow, allowing you to customize the one hand, it will be the same on the other side. Once fully open ariflow lots of air, I use this air flow atomizer open, taste better, in my opinion, when the air flow is an open environment.

below, you can see tfv12 510 unregulated Smok pin and thread here is good too. You can also see engraved “Designed by Smok”
Using the spray, you receive two coils, the coil will be pre-installed and the other in the package. Both the same coil, the coil resistance 0.17ohm m4 can be used between 30-70w and Smok said reels work best between the two coils nominal 40-60W.

E Liquid I, im using 70-30% works well vg-reel pg, the axis is excellent and there are no lumps, and no leakage. very tasteful and you can expect a lot of steam here. With this coil, as with the other coil when it is screwed on the basis of the need to send an email from liquid coil options, so the drop is avoided. For this coil, I recommend you start with a very good, especially if the battery is fully charged.

For Prince smok trinity alpha coils head coil RBA buy separately and can be built here is very simple, I do not have the head of the coil, but I’ll sure buy.

Prince battery stick

Honestly, I am very pleased that when I received this device as a battery looks very good in my opinion. I think this device will be very convenient to use and he was right. The device is extremely compact, 85 mm pile height, diameter of 24.5 mm and batteries a little room at all, just 88.5g. Battery feels good in the hand.


You can see the nice details of the battery as well. Basically, you can see engraved “Smok” and the other side you can see engraved “Palos Prince.” Further down the battery, you can see the design of the crown, the same as in the atomizer. From the bottom you can see the ventilation holes.
gold plated pins on the battery and spring loaded.

Triggers are very comfortable and a hexagonal shape. With easy to press the shutter button to spray, because it is always the trigger. Around the trigger, and the LED light will glow red when pressed back spray. A red light show because of color around the shutter button, but for example with a yellow light yellow light around the button.
You can easily rely on shooting with the index finger or thumb, I want to use it with my mother, who feel more comfortable with me.

You can see the USB port on the battery, the current 0.8 A max. You can also see the light to do the same thing here, but it glows white.
3000mAh battery capacity, there are 23,600 batteries in the device. excellent battery capacity and I find information about the actual capacity of 3000mAh.
With this capability depends on the resistance of the coil, which can certainly use these devices 1-2 days without recharging the battery.
You can use the device while in the charger, but still, I would suggest not vape when the battery is being charged, the battery will be longer.

LED flashes 15 times when the battery is empty and you need to recharge the battery.
When a device on the charger lights red when the battery is fully charged the light will be.


Is a device that is very easy to use, you can be activated by 5 Click the shutter button and can be deactivated by 5 Click the shutter button.
These batteries operate from 3.4-4.2volts, which basically means that when the battery is fully charged, will have more power.
I use these batteries with different repositories, so that the battery 24 mm in diameter, 24.5mm tank will integrate very well here and there will not be a problem. Honestly atomizers used in this document under 24 mm and I’m fine with it.

This battery works well with my dl droppers and works very well with my smok nfix kit

Some of the information that this tool works with different resistance for exaple:

– With the coil resistance of 1 ohm, power will be between 13-16w, according to the battery capacity
– The resistance of the coil 0.17ohm, the output power is between 62-78w, according to the battery capacity
– The resistance of the coil 0.12ohm, the output power is between 78-92w, according to the battery capacity

Of course, in these devices, we have some protection:
– Low voltage protection
– Cutting 8 seconds
– Short Circuit Protection
If the unit can not recognize the atomizer leads to flash four times.

I like that the battery can use different tanks with excellent resistance, I really like how it works and my device such as battery capacity, 3000mAh thought it might be good for each user. Maybe I want to add 3 different lights on the battery indicator, because I want to, everything else here is very good and I am very happy with the battery and tfv12, although we all know Smok coil. I recommend this device, because of the capacity and quality of construction that can be enjoyed for a long time.

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