Vaporesso GEN Review: TC Mod Kit 220W Test Results Are In

The Vapeciga vaporesso gen mod is the latest dual-18650 mod producer Vaporesso popular vaporizer. The device is designed for 220 watts, equipped with a chip that Axon brand new and designed to be light and soft.


Vaporesso have established a tradition in making mods, reliable and high performance, such as Target Mini II (review forthcoming), luxury, and Polar Pro Armor. Silence has become one of the leading manufacturers of vaping mod for a while. Can GEN to the standards set by previous amendments Vaporesso this? Read on to find out.


Vaporesso sent me this burden without mod for the purposes of this review.


Price: $ 65.90 Personal (in Vaporesso)

Colors: silver, black, red to black faded, dark blue discoloration



Display: 0.91 inch OLED

Batteries: 2 x 18650 (not included)

Yield: 0.03 5.0 ohms

power range: 5-220 watts


Contents of the kit

1 x mod GEN

1 x USB cable

1 x User Manual

1 x warranty card

First impression


When I came to this mod, I love the design. I know many vapers demanding for mods to return to the simple design without looking like something out of science fiction, and give swag mod show new. mod is basically a rectangle, but still very comfortable in the hand, and the edges are rounded. Also it has a very soft touch. their website says “soft contact box comprises four coating layers, providing a sensation similar to soft rubber, but so is soft to touch” and I must say they were not lying there.


The only thing I personally do not mind returning to the black and white 0.91-inch screen. It made her feel a little old for me. I understand that the luxury giant screen can be a bit much, but something similar to the screen Famovape Magma, waves and Vandy Jackaroo or Geekvape Nova would be good.


quality construction and design


The Vaporesso genes are well constructed and designed mod. Although not as small as some of the competition, it is a good size and very light at only 107 grams-roughly the same weight with Vandy vaporizer waves. mod is available in four colors with red and blue background that mixes black. I have a silver looks very elegant and clean, but the “red cast black” is my favorite. The brand is prudent small “Vaporesso” in the middle of one side and the small logo “V” at the bottom center of the other. centering pin 510 can handle large and the atomizer 26 mm without overhang.


side of the battery door Standard magnetic plate. The battery is fine and is easy to remove with a ribbon attached to a plastic tray. The door has a coating on it with a warning not to use a battery with damaged packaging; Well I have done, and I’m always happy to see safety a priority. Buttonless toy, the battery cover does not have a play and a powerful magnet. There is also a small notch at the bottom of the mod to help remove it.


I want to address some things I saw online this vaporesso target show get code. A user reports a problem with 510 loosens. I stress tested and mine was no problem at all. Appears to be isolated to a few initial samples have been broken. Another problem is disappearing reported at the top of the mod, which states that it is because of the heat. I have also tried and heat does not cause discoloration. Dig deeper to find the source thereof and (interestingly) originating from e-juice. If you have a leaking tank outside material soft mod will absorb the juice and stained. They should have put a clear coat to avoid it, but I could see being such surveillance is not a common thing. I ding them for this too.


They list load of 2.5 amps at this mod and while I do not recommend charging the internal changes, I did a test for informational purposes only. I found the maximum rate of 1.94 amps, so it is a bit exaggerated that do not load very fast, and most people are not a charger that is capable of more than 2 amps anyway. But still, it’s always best to use an external charger


Features and functions


The Vaporesso GEN packed with features and modes that most of your mods. Has a pulse mode, Eco energy, TC intelligent mode DIY can select the standard mode to (normal preheating, hard and soft), Temp Control (SS, Ni200, Ti, and one memory slot) mode voltage, watts Curve mode, bypass mode and the super player mode. In the setup menu, there are also smart and automatic. This model uses a standard TCR system, which is fully adjustable in all modes.


To summarize, the GEN almost there and still more, to the point where it was dominant. It was great to have a function, but all you need in a menu mode yourself and survive when my staff. I do not know what the point of having pulse mode and a single player mode superpower with a lower minimum resistance.


Using the gene Vaporesso

As for the menu goes, it is a typical gtx vape click in menu with a special button mode between plus and minus. It is very simple and easy to navigate. Here is a brief description:


5 Click the button to switch the fire on and off

3 Click the button to enter the menu mode

Use the up and down arrows to scroll through menus and receive modes.

Use the shutter button to exit

3 Click the shutter button to lock the adjustment knob (still can be recorded)

TCR and electrical configurations are performed after selecting a mode

Navigation is very simple and easy, especially if you have used in the past Vaporesso mod.


power mode performance


The new function Axon Chip genes. his former mods use the Omni chip that is one of the best vaping chips, despite not getting the recognition it deserves, and much better than the gene chip is more popular than Voopoo mods. Let’s see if Axon can continue the tradition.


The evidence in this mod made by Sony VTC5A battery. They list the specifications at 220 watts, but there is no limit volts or amps listed anywhere. I hope third are listed on their website. During my tests, achieving maximum is 219 watts, so they are 220 watt rating is excellent. I get the limit amplifier is 44, which is above average for a dual battery mod. volt limit of .67 ohms coil is 9.257, which is higher than most mods dual battery on the market and shows no button circuit was an advantage since most dual battery mods not they do. I’m glad they keep it that way vaporesso zero show new, Geekvape, Innokin Aspire and constantly make their chips in recent years.


The mod gradually adjusts least 0.1 watts and 100 watts is removed completely watts to 100 or more. You can also hold down the button to scroll quickly through a watt. In well together, but I do not see the point in using a 0.1 watt eliminated more than 20 watts.


gene mod Vaporesso feeds two mod 18650 and work to 220W. set dimensions of 93.5 x 53 x 27 mm and can be said that the device is very convenient to use, especially since the rubber layer and rounded edges.

I really like the design of the MOD and I think it’s very good, this mod is available in several different colors are very nice. On one side of the mod, you can see “Vaporesso” on the other side you can see the Mod logo and background you can see the “Gen”. mod good build quality, there is nothing wrong with the quality mod here and very good resistance to scratching.


From the top you can see the connection mod more on a good connection and have had no problems. Here is a spring pin gold plated 510. As this mod is placed in the center and I think many want. In this mod, it can be used up to a diameter of 26 mm beautiful sprays, aerosols used to access up to 25 mm diameter.


On one side of the mod, you can see the battery cover. The remains of the battery cover in place because the magnet and the battery cover is held in place perfectly, there is nothing to play very well. At the top of the battery, you can view the location and you will use this slot to release the battery cover with your fingernail. If the battery cover is removed, you can see the orientation of the recorded battery and can easily put the battery into the mod and can almost easy to take the battery. Under the battery cover, you can see the sculpture “Chip Axon” and “Designed by Vaporesso”. When the battery is put into the mod and when the device is shaken can not hear the tinkling very good.


From the front of the mod, you can see the menu buttons also the shutter button and less and you can see the screen and USB.

In this device, the USB port is used for software updates, but you can also use this device to recharge the batteries is compatible with balanced load, but as always, I recommend that you charge your batteries in an external charger.

shutter button fires prominent and dislocation, which runs smoothly, the buttons and the vaporesso luxe click in too well dislocation.


During my tests, mod has done excellent work not hot. It is also a model quite accurate, as seen in the results of the previous comprehensive tests. He struggled a bit with an accumulation of 0.1 ohms, but other than that, it’s very good. I am also pleased to see that they are listening and displaced by force hard heat.


performance temperature control

Using SS316L SS wire fashion with the set TCR 92, I tested four construction.


round only a single coil

Single double coil tower

Luxury two single wire coil accumulation

A luxury building dual coil wire

Genes have total limit of 220W available TC. I can get hot vaporizer around the range of 420 F, which draws attention 30M much because you can adjust the flavor with plenty of room kinking. Smoothly and strangles has a good blow dry protection. I get each time and Vape consistent power to customize the height. He had no trouble feeding a large accumulation of good. In general, and I’ve come to expect from Vaporesso, it is a very good player in the CV mode.


pros and cons

Great build quality (stains on the outside)

nice soft colors

Red with black muted colors look great

atomizers handle 26mm without false

battery cover is easy to open and streamers help remove the battery

very light

Watt accurately assess

the operating mode of good energy

Watt voltage mode and curve available

Ampere High Limit

TC good performance

improving circuit

Well it designed and easy to use menu system

affordable prices

Almost load of 2 Amps

The screen is small and black and white

Mod is prone to staining with juice

No ads for amperage and voltage limits the user or the site



Vapeciga renova zero did a great job with this mod chips Axon lived and the legacy of the Omni. good performance and a ton of good mod, simple and classy looking manner is obtained. It’s hard to complain about it. But I would have liked a larger screen with multiple colors and color juice can be a problem if a large amount of leakage is obtained. Actually, I do not care, but it could be a deal breaker for some.

If you are in the market for smooth and precise models, and not worry about staining, Vaporesso GEN is a great player and definitely worth considering it. Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for reading!

You can buy here:Vaporesso

sourcemore thanks


Comprehensive solution to the Vape market in Japan

In 2018, the Japanese vape ijoy mesh  market reached 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, and the compound annual growth rate for 2019-2024 is expected to be 22.6%. Factors driving market growth include manufacturers’ increasing product innovation, promoting demand for smoke-free and ash-free steam, and focusing on mitigating health risks in Japan.

By region, Kanto had the largest share of the Japanese vape market in 2018. The increase in the number of new users and ex-smokers has promoted the development of the vape market in the region. It is also the most urbanized region in Japan, and some major cities including Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa have all contributed to the growth of the vape market.

According to sales channels, the vape market in Japan is divided into vape shops, tobacco shops, supermarkets/supermarkets, online and others. Others include convenience stores, gas stations, vending machines, pharmacies, and general stores. Among them, online channels are expected to surpass tobacco companies in 2024 and become the largest distribution channel. There are relatively few obstacles to establishing a new online business, and it is considered the best platform to meet consumer needs. In addition, discounts offered by online merchants such as Rakuten and Amazon Japan are considered to dreamer mod be key factors for consumers to switch to online channels to purchase vape.

The Japanese vape market is divided into men and women by gender. Among them, male consumers accounted for a larger share of the Japanese vape market in 2018. For most female consumers in the region, tobacco liquid consumption is still a taboo, and this trend has affected the use of vape by women.
Japan vape market dynamics

Growth is the driving force The smoke produced by burning tobacco is equally harmful to humans and the environment. Vape eliminates the emission of smoke, on the contrary, the smoke produced is easily dissolved in the air within a few seconds. This greatly reduces the side effects of smoking. Since vape does not produce smoke and soot, it can be used in places where traditional cigarettes are harmful to health and smoking is prohibited. Because of this, smoke-free and smoke-free vape is driving the vape market in this country dovpo topside vape.

The introduction of various vapes and electronic vapor devices on the market has had a significant impact on consumers’ smoking attitudes. Vape is increasingly affecting the lifestyles of smokers and ex-smokers. Compared with combustible cigarettes, vape has less negative health effects, which is the main reason for consumers to use smok vape pen. Therefore, vape manufacturers are rapidly opening retail stores and vape shops to promote their products to cater to the changing lifestyle preferences of consumers in the vape market.

With the rapid increase in the number of tobacco addicted consumers in Japan, vape is becoming more and more valuable as an alternative to traditional tobacco smoke. Tobacco companies are shifting from traditional tobacco products to next-generation vapor electronic devices, because more and more people, especially young people, have serious health concerns due to smoking. The focus is to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes and provide healthier, less chemical vape technology. The Japanese vape market is expected to achieve tremendous growth during the forecast period.

The competitive landscape of the Japanese vape market

The Japanese vape market is fiercely competitive, with companies such as Philip Morris International Inc., Japan Tobacco Inc., British American Tobacco plc and Imperial Brands plc Apv vv mod. Is the main participant. These participants participate in mergers and acquisitions, and launch products to increase their market share.

Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco. , Altria Group Co., Ltd., Japan Tobacco Co., Ltd., Empire Brand Co, Ltd., JUUL Labs Co., Ltd., Shenzhen iSmoka Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co., Ltd., Innokin Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Conger Technology Co., Ltd., Pax Labs Co., Ltd. The company is a major player in the Japanese vape market.

This Is The Most Popular Master Bedroom Arrangement 2020

They say we spend about a third of our lives in our master bedroom, more than any other room in our house. If that’s true, it’s time to put some ideas designer master bedroom into action. It starts with some general tips to design a good master bedroom, bedroom design guidelines Eames knock off lounge chair will follow up with some ideas bedroom for relaxation.
Designer Master Bedroom Site
On average, the dimensions of the main bedroom can range from 14×15 to 22×20 square feet. Your wishes and needs will determine the dimensions of your master bedroom suite, but with the right furniture and design tips, you can make a smaller bedroom feel more spacious and open:

Maximizing your space
When planning the master room or master suite, there are several things to consider. First, can you deviate from the plan development? Many fixer-uppers and fins DIY events highlight the importance of Herman miller knock off of knowing the dimensions of the roofline and an existing layout, which can be a major factor in the planning of your bedroom. This measurement can also be the difference between having a balanced space for a walk-in closet, or bathroom spacious and have enough space in the bedroom itself.
set goals for your design
When designing a room, planning ahead to use whatever space you have is a must. Do you like the sitting area to relax in your private room? Or you want a cozy corner of the bed? How is a separate area for tables and chairs? Take time to consider what will actually fit in the room, but did not feel as if you need to fill every corner. Keep space as Eames knockoff chair open as possible, and keep your daily habits or routine in mind.

master bedroom closet
No matter the size of your master bedroom, you have a lot of design options for the main room that combines a walk-in closet and/or services. But something to keep in mind is how many square feet you have to work with the cabinets, bath, and bedroom. If you are having difficulty with the balance between what you want in a third, ask yourself if you can compromise on quality, not quantity.
Use dual-purpose furniture
With the pieces of furniture that are right, you may not need to master a large closet. Be creative. Consider storage beds instead of trying to push the sweater in a small closet. Dual-purpose furniture is great for smaller spaces, but make sure you check the dimensions of your bedroom before buying furniture.

bedroom ideas for relaxation
The best main bedroom design will make the most of their hours, giving you a quiet space to relax, unwind, and prepare for the next day. These ideas and tips for master bedroom design create a perfect space to escape from the cares of the world wake up. Based on the principles of the previous tips, below are a few ideas main bedroom to maximize your R & R:

Quiet hang artwork and photos of special on a blank wall.
Choosing a soft blue color to paint the walls. (Studies show that blue enhances your ability to sleep by lowering blood pressure and heart rate.)
What types of window treatments will give you the light you want? curtains create a bright and airy bedroom during the day but may allow too much light to sleep. Challenged with window treatment ideas for window three? SavoyBassett has solutions to your style.

Lighting should promote a calming, relaxing atmosphere, and this includes your reading lamp. Install dimmers on all lights and overhead lights.
When accessorizing your bedroom, choose those that bring you joy, but do not go overboard. Too many accessories can be too stimulating, making it difficult to relax.
decorative mirrors (such as one part of our Savoy) maintaining open space and light.
accent modern chairs, nightstands, tables, and replica Eames chair keep the viewer’s eyes are focused.
Master Bedroom Design Accents
Can you imagine a master bedroom really changed? Let Design Consultants help Bassett. Book an appointment today. Shopping all bedroom collections online or in a store.

Review of uwell vape caliburn pod Nunchaku Crown amulet watch 4 tank

Well I received a vapeciga caliburn pod the purposes of this review.

Well nunchaku available in several colors:

– Green Metallic
– iridescent
– Purple
– Black and Gold
– The corrosion of iron
– Black Full
– Blue sapphire

Description and features:

– Size: 27.4 mm x 94.5 mm
– Material: Stainless steel
– Power range: 5-80W
– resistance range: 0.1 ~ 3 ohm (VW), 0.1 ~ 1 ohm (TC), 0.1 ~ 0.5ohm (manual)
– Temperature range: 100 ~ 300 ° C / 200 ~ 600’F
– A new generation of E-cigarette wells control panels, making the insurance mod box tube
– Procedure: The electric mode, the TC mode (NI, SS), the bypass mode
– 18650 Battery
– Ergonomic design feels perfectly in the hand
– Pocket size when traveling
– simple interaction system,
– Micro USB port for charging

In the box:

– mod nunchaku
– USB cable
– Card Warning
– Manual

Well Vapeciga Nunchaku vape tube is fixed, powered by a battery and 18650 can operate up to 80W. In the widest part of the diameter 27.4MM mod is the height of the model is 94.5mm, but on top of the diameter is 25 mm mod.

Nunchaku is not a large tube mod mod in my opinion, has the perfect size and mod is very comfortable to wear, feels good in the hand because of the way. Nunchaku are made of stainless steel and feels very solid, the build quality is excellent and I can not complain about anything here. color quality looks good so far, so I see no scratches on the mod mod and I use it a lot. You can buy this model in several different colors, 7 colors, black. In the MoD, you can see the details, from the top of the mod, you can see the sculptures in the tube which can be seen engraved “nunchaku well.” At the top of the battery, you can see some details that helps remove the top and at the bottom you can see recorded “by the well designed”, “” and you can see the stars recorded. Personally, I think the mod beautiful, but this is very subjective.

From the top of mod, unrelated to the stainless steel spring loaded screw and plating the wire either. As a diameter of 25 mm was said above, you can be used here something sprays up to 25 mm without false.
Under mod, you can see the battery cover, the battery cover also has a good thread and can tighten or loosen the mod smoothly. At the top of the battery, you can see the four winds. A outside the battery cover can be reduced pin and spring pin. Inside, there is a pin mod and you can see very clearly marked with the red, you know how to put the battery. No isolation mode, in which case the battery is used stripes, but do not use the battery if you notice any scratches on the battery.

From the top you can see the connection and cable model is here, I have no problem with my atomizers and PIN is gold plated and spring here. This model can be used up to 26 mm diameter in the spray without proper selection for me.
Under mod have a battery cover and the battery cover, you can see some details that help when you want to open the lid of the mod. Put here is really good. If the battery cover is removed, you can see the direction of the recorded battery. As I said, this device supports 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries. Generally, you will receive an adapter to 18650 if dont’t 21,700 batteries. Personally, I really want to use the 21700 battery and think it’s great that this device compatible with battery 21700. On the back of the mod, you can see the USB port that can be used to charge the battery, and this mod support quick charge, but as usual, I suggest you use an external charger.
Before the mod, you can see the button on the screen and fire.
fire button on this unit stand out, very clicky and details that really count much in it. As the trigger works fine. The screen of this device is small, but the brightness of the screen is very good and you can see the information on the screen without any problems.

As you can see, we have no buttons and less, but we have a sensor to be used here.

In addition, the board of this Vapeciga Crown Pod is dust-proof and moisture proof is really good.

To activate it you must click five times on the fire button to turn off the mod should you do the same thing.
When the screen, you can see:

– W
– process
– coil resistance
– The battery indicator

To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button and enter the menu, you’ll see:

– Supply Mode
– TCR Mode
– Mech Mode
– The factory settings

If you want to customize your power, you need to click 3 times on the shutter button, then you should choose the power mode and after that you have to tilt the mod right to increase or left to lower wattage. Similarly, when you enter the menu by pressing the shutter button 3 times the MOD must lean left or right to scroll. Senzor works very well and once when you use, you can customize almost everything easy and uncomplicated.

Protection on these devices:

– Short-circuit protection
– Low voltage protection
– Temperature Protection
– reverse battery protection

How do these devices work and my thoughts:

Show new Caliburn Vape is an improved version of the previous model. The design of this device is similar and I like it because this mod is very comfortable to use and I really like the tube mods.

mod good building quality, feels like a very dense morning. This mod, you can use up to 26 mm diameter atomizers no more for me. the previous model is only compatible with the 18650 batteries, but they have changed and are compatible with a larger battery that is really good. Because of this mod is compatible with a larger battery is slightly larger than the previous bite. the shutter button is very nice and convenient to use and remember that the previous model E every day, I have no problem with the trigger, i belive that is also going to be very good in the future. The sensors have here works very well and really used to it quickly and once you do, you will be able to adjust quickly and smoothly. mod mod is very simple to use than many people would like. In addition, it is very good that this board mod dust and moisture resistant. So far, this model works well and remember how long I was using the model before believing that I use for a long time without any problem.
If you liked the previous version of the mod b

In the tube, you can see the shutter button, the plus and minus buttons USB port and you can see the screen.
Here hold the fire button and it’s not hard to find in a mod like vaporizer when the shutter has a statue that can be felt beneath his fingers. the shutter button works well, I have no problem with the shutter button is very sensitive and dislocation. There are fewer shoes work well, too, and I had no problems, but when the mod could move here several key toy.
In the tube there is a USB port lets you charge your battery at the Ministry of Defense, but as usual, we recommend using an external charger to charge the battery.
Basically, there display is very bright and the screen, you can see everything on the screen is very clear.

To activate the mod must click five times on the shutter button, the same as when you want to disable the mod. When “Well Hello” the Department of Defense lights appears on the screen and after that, if the power mode of the device used on the screen, you will see:

– Power
– The battery indicator
– coil resistance
– Volt

If the device is using mode control, it appears on the screen:

– temperature
– The battery indicator
– coil resistance
– Power

To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button, the menu can be seen:


– Supply Mode
– Mode Temperature Ni
– Temperature Mode Ss
– Bypass Mode
– Return to factory settings
– Exit the menu

Mod work uwell amulet vape watch get code of 5-80watts when the key roughly 0.5W watts is pressed up or down, and 80W power when the plus button and the return to 5W is pressed when the power is on and press the button 5W reduced, go to 80W.

You can lock mod really, all you have to do is press the shutter button and the minus button, you will not be able to use the mod at all until you open it with keys and reduce heat. You can also block only plus and minus buttons to do so, press the shutter button and a button you can VAPE but you can not adjust the power until the device is opened.


the entire first mod is a very good shape and feels good in your hand and if you ask me which is very convenient to use, it is difficult to find the trigger as and burning, which is a additional benefit. I like the size of a mod, mod height of only 94.5mm, which is a big plus for me, because in combination with most sprayers will be very pleasant due to the high that I can take with me mod. Mod has a very interesting feature, I can lock the device, in fact, I like it because there is no possibility that it can be enabled in your pocket, it is not really a problem to switch off device before putting it in a pocket, but it was fine, we had a key choice.
This model is powered by a battery and 18650 can not use other batteries here, you can not only use the battery to air this mod 20700.
This device works great, the fries were good and I did’t problems, so far so good. I use the power of the lower house and high strength and can not complain, it works as it should. Atomizers in a suit or 24 mm diameter of 25 mm and the Ministry of Defense, of course, can also be used sprayers beauty smaller rings.
build quality as I said very good, a good thread on top and that I will not be a problem when you want to put the battery in the mod. the shutter button and the plus and minus buttons without problems.
Basically, it is a very simple model to use, you can choose from four modes, so there is nothing complicated here and you can customize almost everything quickly.

I recommend this mod for those who like to use them a tube mods, I think it is a very good crown 4 tank click in and works as expected without problems so far.


– Unable to use the battery 20700


– The build quality is good
– Very comfortable to use
– Simple Mod, use
– the good appearance (subjective)
– Button Good
– The screen is bright
– Chip works well
– The colors look good

You can buy here:uwell vape

sourcemore thanks


Comment with Vaporesso Renova Zero : Proprietary CCELL ceramic coil This Cool Stealth Pod!

The vapeciga renova zero is another mod pod is intended for new users and experienced for hidden devices.

You mainWhether mod pod vaporesso cloud Hunter sub-ohm or not, there is no room in your life for the pod system. Such use is if you try to learn the tricks and can not be filled with a juice enriched nicotine … a pod in hand, full of salt nic can be an absolute lifesaver.

Submitted by manufacturers and high-end Nexus Avenger kit Polar jacket and a long list of other vaping products successfully. Renova zero Vaporesso had the idea of ​​a compact and hidden solution to the next level in a neat package … and was nearly flawless.

I panicked Daze love mod sheath and hatred idea after six months now refuse to leave home (or my room, in this case) without hidden in her bra, socks behind the ear to God of love, the smell of nail better and more comfortable every day. Let look at this event!
Fast Shipping – Save 10% with code ECC

What’s included in the box
1 Renova xVaporesso zero Mod Pod
1 x 2 ml coil sheath PCTG with 1.0 Ohm installed
1 x 10 ml bottle filling eJuice
1 x USB cablevaporesso module loading content mod
80.2 x 31 x 13.5 mm
2 ml refill reservoir
resistance to 1 Ohm
Built in 650mAh battery
1 A load current
automatic control of the temperature to prevent the rap
12,09 W control output (9, 10.5 or 12W)
Mod zinc alloy

Apart from the small signal beast box indicating that the product contains nicotine (empty case contains nicotine DORKS government) good packaging protection and, as expected for a mark estimated as vapeciga mod gen.

1Luckily hand vaporesso mod sheath, the sheath and put all the mod is one of the simple things in life, thanks to the large magnet in the second half, and components that are perfectly equipped.

Once completed, the sheath is very similar to a large USB network with round eyes.

If it is a little stretched (long) oval hand with the zero mark and the power button, which has a micro USB port on the bottom, so that the device can carry all flat.

white version of good quality small zinc alloy and matte rubber finish podmod weighing only 50 grams shy, which means handfeel is sturdy and solid, weighs more than their size can lead to expect.

Gray (white) and the minimum point concentrates on both sides of the larger (zero on one side and the other side Renova.).

On both sides of the narrow mod is 35 x 3 mm, mirror finish chrome lines. This detail vaporesso swag show new visible and just add a touch of class to the front machining and thin and easy.

coil can not be changed, you need a new module for it and unfortunately, additional fees are not included. This disorder, I would like to see one or even two additional interior. I and including a fine bottle as pressing a little complicated end seal filled with anything less.

How do Vaporesso Renova Pod zero?
First, I want to give kudos Vaporesso to comfortably fill the pod system, which is not leaking and requires no plug silicone irritant. Is also a large connection and magnets slick cool.Vaporesso said zero Renova
Second, the fact that, by clicking the power button three times, can vary from 3 watts setting. It is a lifesaver when I tried IAS 65 mg salt and the need to ensure that smaller success! It is certainly not necessary, but is something that makes this pod apart in my eyes.

Moreover, I am impressed by the life of the battery and the time with his exceptional costs, which are less than 45 minutes.

I really like the white version also very easy to clean and matt not at the beginning, no matter what angle I found this great little hidden pod.

This jacket just the right setting width in most small pocket jeans and pants were a smuggling with an adhesive tip on the handle, I love it.

Vapeciga vaporesso target pro active vaping mod pod is probably my favorite part in most pods are now mechanisms that works great … while drawing Activate fucking cops.

But turn to the actual quality of the vaporizer, yes? Airflow seems to happen with a USB port, it is only suitable for the mouth to the pleasure of the lung (MTL) as a funnel, no complaints …

As much as I like a lower power setting for my strong salt nic, I would look up to about 15W watts here … to improve the production of steam a little fair.

This is the draw for the fire system, let’s get going. And note that it can sometimes be very difficult. a fire tie takes strong enough. But other than that, not what draws him repeatedly. After trying again, work in general, but I have to try to use it several times once or twice before saving the photo. Sometimes I can not say if it does not take or if the battery is dead. A written this sentence, I had to get where stops pulling on one or two minutes and then suddenly work again properly.

Speaking to draw, that is a little loose. It’s not as loose as GTX One Vape Mod get code too. It is actually a very good project in my opinion. MTL breathing a slacker, but totally doable and enjoyable. EQ is actually more fun than shooting.

In fact, very good taste. I would say it is on par with the EQ if not a touch better. Crisp and tidy. flavor or juice pod system often silenced, you can be chaotic and unbalanced. It has a solid feel, and not just for the pod system.

Battery life is very good. I’m a little less than a day for exclusive use with. This is not surprising considering how small it is, but below average for my experience with another open pod system. However, I was not bad overall.

The taste … in a moment, but we will discuss in detail a portion of the coil.

Remove the mod firing of the sheath
Put the juice spokesperson on a framed silver filling hole small
Press the filling port
to crush
sheath change
not mess
Not fussvaporesso mod pod refills
Changing the coil
You have to buy a new rechargeable sheath for it!

Thus loading station contains little ceramic coil 1.0 Ohm, only MTL and wow, the air flow is low, funnel ceramic coil soft combine to produce a flavor that is fun, surprising, given the renova zero pods click in.

That said, this sheath and efficient coil to deliver fresh mouth to the lungs with a sense slightly weaker and steam production, namely: STEALTH magic !!!

How to operate the menu system
5 clicks or off
Press hard power to see which color of light
Green means your vaping 12 W
blue indicates that 10.5 W
Red means it is 9W
At the click three times will change the settings of your watts
spitting fire its coils
battery life
life of clear battery varies depending on the power settings you use in watt but I have more than one and a half day, or 10 hours of standard expenses, but not vaping, plus the cost is the speed of Flash in less than 45 minutes.

You can tell that your battery with the lamp on the button when powre vaping, not to be confused with the configuration of watts.

power LED battery

Green – high (over 70% strength)
Blue – average (30% -70%)
Red – low (below 30%)
temperature control to avoid dry burns
arrangements of several watts to power the juice diifferent
wonderful ceramic taste and MTL Coil smooth airflow
large building with a stylish look and handfeel
The size and convenient way
The method of complexity and filling without leakage
I would like to see greater implementation at 15 W or more, for steam production was slightly worse.
final verdict Reviews

Vapeciga luxe s mod pod is soft and comfortable to stealth device that is perfect for its salt Toking nic in the car, at work, at the mall, in the mother shower … whatever. A small pod with impressive MOD and additional innovation.

I will use in the coming years and I think it is the first choice to quit, Trickers should set the pocket and time to hide in the shadow of the same office, it is highly recommended.

Should I buy Vaporesso Renova devices zero if lost / broken? Certainly!

You can buy here:vaporesso coils

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Comment with Voopoo Vinci : The Definition of a Pod Starter Kit.

The sheath style Vapeciga voopoo vinci is the latest in a series Vinci. Fitter with the term “sheath mod” that Voopoo used for two prior Vinci. The reason is that X is the larger and thicker than the original Vinci and Vinci Vinci R 18650 and 18650 X battery can draw up to 70 watts.

Vinci discussed there about a month and loved, but there are problems that hampered gives me full recommendation. -With say the filling hole cover is very easy to break, the coils in the package was bad, and had some setbacks when used at login. Let’s see if Voopoo addressed these issues and if X Vinci worth buying.

Send me this cost device Voopoo free for the purposes of this review.

Price: $ 44.95 (in the element of vaporization)
Color: Aurora, gray space, carbon fiber, red teal, blue ink

Dimensions: 117 mm x 29 mm x 25 mm
Weight: 175 grams
Model material: zinc alloy
Output: 5-70 watts
Output voltage: 3.2 to 4.2 volts
Resistance: 0.1 to 3.0 ohms
Battery: One 18650
Pod capacity: 5.5 ml (TPD 2 ml)
Jacket Material: PCTG

Kit Contents
1 x apparatus Vinci X
1 x replacement sheath Vinci (5.5 ml)
1 x coil PnP-VM1 (0.3 Ohms)
1 x coil PnP-VM4 (0.6 Ohms)
1 x USB cable
1 x User
Warranty Card x 1
1 x smartcard
construction quality and design

As for the quality of construction,Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 is in the same league as the above Vinci. A device is sturdy and well built, and the extra weight of X because the size is greater and 18650 are the battery to feel better in general.

Mido Vinci (with pods) of 117 mm by 29 mm by 25 mm. Unlike previous Vinci more clearly on the rise because half the height of a centimeter. There is a small difference in width, but the device tapers to the width of the sheath.

I was disappointed the last time I received the standard edition carbon fiber, and see TINTA I received today, I was right. The paint job on the device is first rate, and I even like the effects of false texture to go with. And the little touches that work there; buttons have a click and without the satisfaction of a rattle at all, and the battery cover gives the device a gentle pat and uniform appearance and luxurious feel. I was hoping it was one of the battery tray push-to-open as it takes some time to take off and come back, but I got used to after a while.

There is no change in its plastic sleeve, the funnel has an ergonomic shape and contours of your next two options allow airflow. But again, we must be very careful not to break the top of the silicone filler, which is one of my biggest gripes with original Voopoo Vinci show new.

Vinci X will ask you to set the time at that time, used to calculate its flashes per day and display the data for 14 days. Unfortunately, time is not much use to you if you charge the external battery (as it should) due to reset soon as you remove the battery from the device. It also seems breathtaking every chance of the day the battery, so that all things against puff can easily become dirty after some time away.

Simultaneously press the shutter button when you’re done, and you will see the device home screen. Watt is automatically adjusted according to the used coil. X is rated at 70 watts, but no coils are available to go over 40 watts watts maximum chips which is a great feature of the device. Voopoo hopefully pay the nominal top coil in the future.

The menu is well laid out and very simple.

Five clicks the button, the need for the device on and off.
Press + or – to adjust watts.
By pressing the + and – keys to enter the BLAST interface together.
A pulsar fire – Bring all the daily number of puffs.
By pressing the + and set fire to lock the device (you can make or change watts when locked).

Finally, the GENE.AI chip can be upgraded by Voopoo Too click in. software and download the latest version of the firmware on the website of the company. No updates available at this time, but hope they will start soon.

I covered a 0.3 ohm coil in the coil of the head and part of the Vinci my performance review, but I’ll give more feedback after spending a lot of time with her since. This coil is probably the one you want if you want a small stream of additional air and hot steam. bum outside the coil happened to my original Vinci, all other coils 0.3 ohm, I tried was reliable. Reel life is not great, but overall good reel and the best average AIO coil in taste and steam production.

Voopoo decides to replace the usual coil wire that comes with the original mesh 0.8 Vinci coil PnP VM4 0.6 ohms. I did not know the first X-Vinci show much in common with the da Vinci, I’m sure Voopoo not originally not shake things up with coils. Voopoo contact us about it, and after using the coil during the three days, it has become my favorite. I use 20 mg of nicotine salt and the juice is perfect for this. I do not even feel the need to change the default watt 24 watt device placed in the correct tones. Do not generate as much steam in coils 0.3 ohm, but the taste is comparable, if not better. And it is also very effective.

As usual 0.8 ohm coil that came with the original Voopoo Drag get code, 0.6 ohm coils renders obsolete in most respects. It could be a little more stringent than 0.6, but certainly not satisfactory MTL, if that’s what you expect. Besides this, it is more prone to flooding and leakage of the other two coils.

The da Vinci system problems is the source of self-shoot more relevant that the device does not support pass through. Moreover, equality is an activation button X in one button is activated. I truly believe that the activation pattern causes more problems than it solves, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Finally, I will not talk about the life of the battery and the load in this review; X 18650 removable take, I recommend using an external charger is not loaded on board.

pros and cons
Great build quality
color edition is awesome
comfortable funnel
It may contain 5.5 ml of juice
powerful magnet
The screen is bright and easy to read font
soften the thread of the battery cover
Two airflow options depending on how you enter the nacelle
Quick shots and chip precise genetic
chips autoplay watts
against two weeks may be helpful
Take a 18650
Compatible with five reels PnP
0.3 ohm-coil packs a punch
0.6 Ohm coil are very tasty and low in salt mid force nic
smooth the air flow
Grand and a bit heavy for AIO
break easily connect silicon
Go on stand-by if not used for a while
leaks slightly cloves
reset time whenever the battery is removed
Puff eventually be able to remove from the table when the battery is removed
No coils available to go over 40 watts
Without activation strength (button is enabled only)

From the standpoint of performance, Vapeciga Voopoo PNP is a device that can recommend. 0.3 ohm coils tasty and generate a lot of water vapor, and 0.6 ohms achieves a good balance between performance and power consumption, and are perfect for an average nic salt resistance.I am very pleased that Voopoo breaks, which eliminates problems with me Vinci, although original tug, it is advisable to charge the batteries in an external charger too. The side of the housing, the filler port cap is still thin and break easily. Still I hope that the solutions in the future, but I recommend taking the spare pods in case. The rest of the drawbacks were small, and there is a firmware update could not fix. Overall, if you are good with the size and weight Vinci X, I say go for it.

You can buy here:Voop[oo

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Comment about Voopoo Vinci : A Gene.AI Powered AIO starter kit 1500mah 5 5ml standard

The AIO or Vapeciga Voopoo Vinci is stylish case, such as call Voopoo, mod pod. AIO fashion lately, and the company seems to support innovation in this product category instead of the traditional shielding system. Vinci comes in the design of a recently introduced its RPM Smok with the device and something tells me that we will see more companies will follow.

Unfortunately, I have not tried RPM, this review does not include a direct comparison between the two. But read on to find out if the recommendation of the value Voopoo Vinci.

Price: $ 39.95 (in the vaporizer element)
Color: gray Aurora, dazzling space, carbon fiber, real, red, ink turkey, opal, amber hills, green jade

The contents of the kit
quality of construction and design

I Vinci measuring 104 mm by 25 mm by 25 mm tall to fit in the hand, but not super-portable vaporizer in any way. Given its size, I think it weighs more. Weighing approximately 114 grams, which is slightly heavier than the lightest lost vaporizer Orion but version 3 of the API mini and much lighter than Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Mod show new.

plastic cover and is equipped with a funnel ergonomics but also has one of the biggest problems with this unit. charging port is covered by a silicone plug and the plug attachment point is too thin. The result: RASGO includes two pods, and now I have to use tweezers whenever you want a refill. Note that I have never taken before the device (let alone two of them), so that no user error. There is no substitute in the box, so I stuck with what I had until I buy a new pod. It’s sad, but it can be easily solved if Voopoo require notification cards and redraw.


To get started, take a roll of the box, cut five drops of juice, and insert into the bottom of the car. PnP coil, which, as the name suggests, n’play card, just hit them. Then pull the silicone connector (be careful!) And pod fill with e-liquid.

The next step is to choose the side pontoons will be connected to the battery. The air flow varies depending on the yaw, and the game can be checked on both sides to select the desired one. Then allow the device to cancel at least five minutes to allow the coil is saturated. Turn on the device and you’re ready to go.Vapeciga Voopoo Vinci Mod is automatically adjusted according to Watts reel used.

Five clicks the button, the need for input and output devices.
Three clicks by pressing the scroll button between the three shooting modes (P AUTO interesting and P & A manually activated per second).
Press + or – to adjust watt.
A Pressing the + and – buttons to enter the interface BLAST together.
Pressing the fire – all hands to scratch your daily increasing numbers.
Pressing + and fire together to lock the device (you can withdraw or change watt when locked).
In the press of three buttons at the same time enter the interface clock (you can change the time with the + and -).

head coil PnP

Vinci is equipped with two coils in the box:

PnP-coil VM1 mesh (0.3 ohm)
PnP-Kanthal coil R1 (0.8 ohms)
Voopoo register R1 and the court network Vinci, but dig a little and I’m sure it Kanthal coil or parallel cable. Note that the device supports all coils Voopoo pnp this, drag reel at the baby and found the use of S Trio.

One important thing to note is that the two devices that have received came with a coil bad 0.3 ohms. And by bad, I mean blow dry after cleaning of those affected, regardless of the length of breathing and the ratio of PG / VG. Fortunately, Voopoo Too Mod click in sends me an extra box of this coil, I have tested extensively and works very well even with a drink over 4 seconds at 35 watts. I have yet to find someone else to complain online, so I guess my coil came from a bad batch. But keep in mind that if your reel gives you a hard time.

I began by saying that the coils 0.3 ohm coils may sheathing AIO / most powerful I’ve tried. 3 mg juice Ohm use with secondary tank did not feel small at all in this coil and I personally do not more than 6 mg. I would say I’m out of the midrange ohm coils vape with low tank (think Innokin ISUB-B).

With a choice of air flow, it is a semi-DL vaporizer allows more limited, taking 3-4 seconds and an impressive steam. Going with limited air flow options tooltips even more flavor, but may have to reduce the default power of 35 watts. I tend to use the air flow more open, but some might appreciate a tight draw a limited selection of air flow.

I prefer to control air flow 15 watts or 12 watts default in the air flow control. Depending on the airflow and force you to go, I suggest you start with something about 6 mg of nicotine regularly and no more than 20 mg of salt Voopoo Drag Nano Pod get code. Note that the taste and persist in this coil, which can be annoying if you like the juice change along the day.

Apart from the coil performance, rapid-fire device in manual mode, but the sensor can be delayed sometimes, especially in the A & P did not feel very consistent and I find the vaporizer mid interrupt often, but if ‘M wheezing. It did not bother me, because most use manual mode, but some may find annoying. And finally Vinci refused to shoot two or three times, but returned to normal after suffering a bit of fluid that accumulates between the battery and pods.

battery and charging

The house Vinci 1500 mAh battery, which is pretty impressive for a camera of its size. It is loaded via a micro USB port which is placed at the bottom of the device, so you’ll only be able to complete the placement of your hands. My full charge in one hour and 15 minutes, which is normal for this battery.

problematic use

I had some disturbing incidents when the load Vapeciga Voopoo Pnp RBA and feel that a separate section is justified.

I can not determine what was wrong and I have not managed to make it happen again. Certainly not automatically rejected while sitting in the office is used but, for the moment, there are two things I can suggest is that you do not use the device while charging, and generally oversee repair. Hopefully this is a problem that can be easily fixed with an update.

pros and cons
Great build quality
It feels good in the hand
edit the colors look awesome
convenient channel
Two air flow options
It may contain 5.5 ml of juice
strong magnet
The screen is bright and easy to read font that
Two air flow options depending on how you enter the gondola
gene chip fast and accurate shot
Cons 2 weeks may be useful
good battery
Compatible with five rolls
0.3 ohm one hollow coil pack delicious
facilitate airflow
easy connection of silicon break
Continue to stand by if not used for a while
Watt default function set after entering standby
A & P soft sensor and automatically
0.3 ohm coils including poor
0.8 ohm coils can flood and spit juice when low
Fewer leaks under the pod
do not stop shooting when used while connected (this happened several times)

If you do not send additional Voopoo pack 0.3 ohm coils, this review will end up with a very different note. In other words, the abysmal performance includes a 0.3 ohm coils combined with obvious flaws contained in the counter is enough for me to direct advice to stay away from Vinci at all costs. But after a few uses two coils of 0.3 ohms, soften further down-although still not fully recommended.

You can buy here:Voopoo Nano

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Vape Guide: Learn The Pros And Cons Of E-Cigarettes

I think the advantages and disadvantages of switching from cigarettes and heat-not-burn cigarettes to electronic cigarettes (vape) concern. In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes (vape), which has become popular in recent years. If you are thinking of trying an electronic cigarette (vape) from now on kangvape, please refer to it before buying it.

What is an electronic cigarette (vape) in the first place?

Even if you never heard of electronic cigarettes (vape), many people may not be able to understand what exactly. So, first of all, I will explain briefly about electronic cigarettes (vape). Electronic cigarettes (vape) is a luxury item to heat fluid called flavor flavorful taste the water vapor produced. Because there is no leaf tobacco use, both nicotine and tar are zero, the effects at low health, and strange smells are not a concern. By the way, the word vape said to be derived from the English word “vaporizer” which has the meaning as an evaporator or vaporizer. Coupled with fashionable appearance, the electronic cigarette (vape) is rapidly gaining popularity in Japan and overseas celebrities like Hollywood stars, as well as Japanese celebrities and celebrities.

Because of these price increases and the fact that it can be used in the near non-smokers without worrying about second-hand smoke, it is expected that it will become more widespread in the future.

What are the benefits of using electronic cigarettes (vape)?

electronic cigarettes (vape) has many advantages. If you’re wondering whether a change of cigarettes, let’s check out the benefits.

No need for ashtrays, no matter where you smoke

electronic cigarettes (vape) does not require an ashtray because they do not produce cigarette butts. In addition, because it is not a tobacco product, is not subject to the Health Promotion Law revision and has the advantage that it can be used in more places than cigarettes. The number of restaurants that state that they can use electronic cigarettes (vape) gradually increases.

Can be used without worrying about what is called “the smell of cigarettes”

One of the characteristics of electronic vv vw mods cigarettes (VAPE) is that not only nicotine but also tar is zero. Tar is a substance that causes the odor peculiar to cigarettes, but the liquid of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) does not contain this tar. It doesn’t smell easily in your clothes, room, or car, and you can use it at home, at work, or with friends who don’t smoke, without hesitation.

You don’t have to pollute your room or teeth with tar

Tar contained in cigarettes causes not only odor but also pigmentation, and when you smoke, you may notice yellowing of your teeth or the walls of your room may turn yellow. Yellowing of teeth makes the impression of the first meeting worse, and treatment such as whitening may be required to improve it, so it is important to prevent pigmentation. In that respect, tar-free electronic cigarettes (VAPE) can be used with confidence without worrying about pigmentation.

Economical in the long run

If you buy a new e-cigarette (VAPE), you will need to prepare the main body, liquid, maintenance tools, etc., so many people will find it expensive. However, once you buy the main unit, you only need to buy a few liquids a month. For example, with my Blum, you can purchase a pack containing two 1.5ml flavor pods that can be sucked about 300 times for 920 yen. Since mybluTM is a POD type VAPE, maintenance is not required, and basically, there is no cost other than this flavor pod. What’s more, you can get a starter kit that includes the main unit and flavor pods for 2,700 yen, so the initial cost is not that high. In the long run, e-cigarettes (VAPE) prove to be more economical than cigarettes.

Can also be used as non-smoking / smoke-reducing goods

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are recommended for those who want to graduate from cigarettes and want to reduce smoking. First of all, the liquid of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) sold in Japan is nicotine-free, so using it as a substitute for cigarettes will contribute to smoke reduction. If you use a cigarette-based or menthol-based liquid, you will feel like you are smoking. The reasons why you can’t quit smoking are “the effects of nicotine” and “mental problems such as wanting to smoke and feeling lonely”, so electronic cigarettes (VAPE) can also be used to eliminate these problems.


Enjoy flavors that suit your taste and mood Today, liquid flavors are said to be innumerable. You can enjoy it just by trying various flavors, and it is also an advantage of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) that you can purchase multiple flavors and change the liquid according to your mood. With mybluTM mentioned above, as of August 2019, you can purchase all 11 flavors, including ice berries and strong menthol, which are limited to Japan. What are the disadvantages of using an electronic cigarette (VAPE)?

The disadvantages should be confirmed along with the advantages. Here, we will introduce the disadvantages of general electronic cigarettes (VAPE).

It is expensive for short-term use because there is the cost of purchasing the main body

As mentioned above, the electronic cigarette (vape) have the initial costs because you have to buy organs and major maintenance depending on the product first. If you give up the switch steam crave to e-cigarettes (vape) for “cigarettes are better”, the cost will be high.

Some items require time and effort for charging and maintenance.

Since electronic cigarettes (vape) are heated by electricity, they must be charged in advance as a heated cigarette. Currently, several devices can be charged from a USB such as a PC, and you can fill them anywhere, but it can be a disadvantage that it takes time to charge. In addition, some e-cigarettes (vape) do not work well without regular maintenance, such as replacing cotton and coils soak in the liquid.

Coment about uwell Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Pods amulet Crown 4

I received a vapeciga Caliburn KOKO Well the purpose of this review.

Well talisman specifications and characteristics:

– Dimensions: 47.7 x 37.5 x 17.2 mm
– Main Ingredients: PCTG, polycarbonate, silicone
– E-juice Capacity: 2 ml
– Battery capacity 370mAh Insert
– Output: 10W Max
– Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm

– monodosis System is the first style to see the world
– Rechargeable 370mAh 2 ml and a nacelle
– Compatible with nicotine e-liquid and salt
– down load design
– extract air mechanism is activated
– Support Micro-USB charging
– Only Pro-Focs technology Taste Test
– Extend the life of the anti-dust system
– Some features protection circuitry to provide the stability, security and reliable performance

In the frame:

– Well talisman pod kit system
– Micro USB Cable
– User Guide

Since this vapeciga nunchaku is a capsule type of watch, let me start with the bracelet, silicone and so far looks good. You can pretty much easy to put in hand and there is no possibility that it might accidentally fall over. Honestly, I really like the design, I like the way it looks in my hands, but this is very subjective.

On the bracelet you can see the slot for the pod system. In the slot, you can see the part that contains the pod system in place and there is no possibility that the system may drop pods, stands perfectly in place. Also in the slot where you can see the entrance to the funnel and as they leave room for powder funnel can not enter into the funnel were really good. External slot You can see the button and you will use the button to release the pod system slot. All you need to do is press a button and remove the device, these buttons also work very well and there is no possibility that the button is pressed accidentally.

In the pod system you can see some detail on the back, you can see the record “Well” and you can see the “talisman”. From the top of the device you can see cartrdige. Perfect cartridge in place and remove the cartridge you need to push a little bit and can be removed, it is very simple to do. Embudo in cartridge is very convenient to use, in my opinion, but still low and some may not like it.

hole airflow is very small and can say that the air is excellent for vaping MTL and as I said increased airflow in the system pod, here the air flow is perfect, at the same I like. Air flow device is very similar to Caliburn Well, so if you like airflow Uwell Crown Pod show new as if here too.

From the top of the camera, you can see the flow of the cartridge as the cartridge say stay perfectly in place. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port and you are going to use this USB port to charge the battery. This device has a 370mAh battery capacity of the built-in battery and is perfect for this device because the device is very small, so I think the battery of this device is perfect.
On one side of the camera, you can see the buttons in front of the camera, you can see the screen.
I can say that the big screen a lot for this unit and I enjoyed it.
On the screen you can see:

– coil resistance
– The battery indicator
– time
– Date
– Today

On the screen, you can see the contact button on the left you can see the buttons on the right side you can see the other. I would really think this pod system has a battery indicator and the best indicator of the battery in the case of system, because the display.

I think a perfect on this unit and the screen is very Caliburn Pods click in so you can see everything very nice.

A protection device:

– More indications Vaporizer
– Open circuit protection
– Short-circuit protection
– Low power indicator
– Protection against overheating

How do these devices work and my thoughts:

As I said at the beginning, when I started using this product I really like the idea of ​​seeing a vaporizer. This is a very good idea to put the pod system clock, because that way you will always have your system pod on your wrist and you can use this envelope system where you do not want to use larger devices.
Personally, I really liked the way the appearance of the device, such as the hands, which is good in my opinion.
big screen and I really thought we had a pod system with a screen. On the screen, you can always see the capacity of the battery and you can still see the date and time it was good enough for me.

I can say that this pod system into a sheath that is better out there for a very good air flow and because this device has a good taste with salt and usual liquid uwell amulet get code.


– Only one cartridge in the package
– Condensation between the cartridge and the device


– excellent design
– A very good idea in my opinion
– Good build quality
– Good Color
– Choice of colors
– Muñequera looks good so far
– the slot in the button works well
– No dirt in the channel when the device is in the slot
– The big screen
– You can see everything that is good in the screen
– The battery indicator
– Touch Button
– 2 ml capacity
– The battery capacity of this wonderful device
– Easy to fill the cartridge
– comfort funnel
– excellent air flow
– circuit breaker works well
– Feel good

Well talisman built quite well and light. It is plastic so it feels a little on the cheap side. Really not much to say about vapeciga Crown 4 uwell only comes in one color and plastic, but do not use so that was nice.This usage is quite simple. It has no physical buttons shutter button, but more features. It also has a button 2. Click physical button five times to turn on or off. Click three times to set the time and date and use the buttons to adjust. Hold for 4 seconds to switch between the right hand or left hand provision. In addition, the fire pod single blast that worked very well for me and there was no problem. Since the sheath has a screen made for him, he’s got a real nice deck in the opposite direction is similar to many mods. Also shows the coil resistance as well. pod is located behind the battery, but it is very dark with a second screen, it is very difficult to see the level of juice. I hope the pod itself is clear, especially because when used as a clock, you can not see anyway pod. Companies really need to stop tinting pods.

You can buy here: uwell

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How Is The Scar Smok-18 Mod Rentable

Smok box mods have long been among the most popular and innovative on the market. Their combination of fast-firing chipsets, dual 18650 battery capacity, and excellent tanks have made them one of the smok squonk mod most popular ways to vape high-VG e-juices. The Scar-18 is the newest addition to their lineup. Continuing with the Smok tradition, the upgrades are incremental but still useful. And naturally, there is a whole new tank to go with the Smok Scar-18.

But as far as power and e-juice, the potential for box mods seems to have been reached. While 200 plus watts once seemed unobtainable, it has now been the norm for a while. And while there are some mods that are also compatible with larger 21700 batteries, it seems that the industry has settled into the 18650s, and two of them, as the norm.

Smok Mods have been churning out 220 to 230 watts of power for years now, and there is really no practical reason for much more power than this. Although there are sub-ohm tanks that work at over 100watts, even cloud chasers generally vape at wattages in high two and low three-figure settings.
As a mod is only as good as its tank, there is really no reason for enormous four battery mods with outputs over 300 watts. With these limitations in place, which are in part set by human lung capacity when cloud chasing, there would not seem to be much room for improvement. And where it is true that a three-year-old Alien mod can operate the newest Smok tanks with ease, this is not strictly speaking accurate. The new Smok Scar-18 has a number of smart and useful upgrades that make it a worthy addition to any vaper’s collection.

A quick glance at the Smok Scar-18 seems to reveal the typical and modern Smok mod. It has a big and easy to use screen, colorful inlays, and is nicely paired with a sub-ohm tank. But there is more to the Scar 18 mod than meets the eye.
The inlays are leather and metal. Not only does this give the Scar-18 a classier look, but it also makes it easier to grip when wet. And this moves us to the perhaps the biggest feature of all. The Smok Scar-18 is IP67 certified waterproof and dustproof. This means not only will no dust work its way into the device, compromising its longevity adv vape but that it can withstand being submerged for a half-hour in water between one centimeter and one meter deep. More applicable, is that this means it is spill-resistant and can be cleaned.

Powered by two 18650 batteries, the Scar-18 has a maximum output of 230 watts. It has four built-in modes to optimize flavor versus cloud production, or you can manipulate your own setting with the color OLED screen.

The Smok Scar-18 has a new IQ-X chip, which makes efficient use of the battery power and has a lightning quick fire time.

No box mod kit is complete without a quality sub-ohm tank. And seemingly, no Smok Mod is complete with an entirely new tank and coil set. While this can make things confusing, the new Smok TFV9 tank on the Scar-18 has a pared-down selection of coils, a refreshing change from the nearly impenetrable list of coils Smok is famous for offering.

The Smok TFV9 uses a pyrex bulb glass design which holds an impressive 6.5ml of e-juice and is 28mm in diameter. With a large refill slot and adjustable airflow, it is quite easy to use and extremely reliable. So far, it has not proven prone to leaking, a knock levied against some previous Smok designs.

outstanding coil. An impermeable 0.15ohm coils that work best between 40 and 90 watts. This is exactly the power range I was looking for because the cloud plus 100W has also worked a bit stiff for my taste and I was closer to 50watts as my power settings.

Despite the wide-open on airflow, the tank is still included on the childproof lock is easy to manipulate but it seems relatively effective for the intended purpose. Gold-plated connector thread for extra durability.

Scar Smok-18 performance vaporizergiant improvement compared to its predecessor but the biggest claim to fame was evidence of water and new TFV9 tank. Both of these are great reasons to upgrade, especially if you’re looking for new tank design. While it is only an incremental improvement over stablemates, it’s still a very impressive bit of kit.